Friday, August 6, 2010

More Summer Fun

After our adventures in Hawaii, we came home for enough time to borrow our friend's R.V., do a load of laundry and hit the grocery store. Then we were off!! Not quite Kauai, but we went to the beach with some great friends and the girls. I didn't take many pictures this trip, as I was fairly brain dead and just loved hanging with our friends. One of the highlights was watching Brenna play with our friend's youngest daughter, Emily. They played in this order: coloring, playing on the D.S., puzzles and bubbles.  They had a blast switching off and taking turns, and they got to stay in our R.V. by themselves while we were outside and loved every minute of it. I wonder if it felt like a giant playhouse?

I love this girl. She is always, ALWAYS on her toes!!

Lauren caught this great photo:

We went for bike rides, hung out in the bay, and did a LOT of laughing!
One sport we really enjoyed was Stand Up Paddling. It's done on a wide, light (30 lb.) surf board with a paddle that is similar to a kayak paddle. You basically find your balance and stand up on the board and paddle away. Doug and I tried it in Hawaii, and loved it. We were pretty excited to try it with the girls.  

I adore this picture of Brenna and her dad.

Our summer has been very fair out this way. Almost every day out at the beach has been socked in. We felt lucky to have it clear by about 12:30 and enjoy sunny afternoons. This has taken a toll on the water temperature out in So Cal. The water here in the bay was warmer, but the lifeguard at one beach told us the water is at a chilly 60 degrees. This is a far cry from 75 degrees in Hawaii!!!

I have more pictures, but I am fairly certain the gals in our group would KILL me if I posted all of us in our bathing suits out on the bay. What a way to make enemies, huh?

One day the moms and the older daughters took a day out to go shopping for a few hours. Yes. It was a blast. The guys did o.k. watching Emily and Brenna.

Yup. They are watching T.V. We SO don't rough camp.
This picture really makes me laugh because my husband is one of the last people you would find laying around watching T.V. It was heartwarming to see, actually. It means he isn't the bionic man, and he too can reach a point of wanting to rest. Like the rest of us sub-bionic people.

Hope you are finding relaxing time during your summer!


  1. First, I have to comment on the TV built into the SIDE of the RV! Camping sure has changed since I was a young girl.

    Between this and another blogger who is currently RVing, I'm actually missing the days when our family spent the weekend in our RV. (which was just called a "traveling trailer" back in those stone age.)

    This sounds wonderfully relaxing and fun. Time with friends is a a good thing. Keeping them as friends because you don't post bathing suit pictures is an even better thing...

    And I did post my "elegant" tablescape at BTOFP. There I am...nestled among the the fine china, chuckle.

    And DO start carrying a camera! You just never know...

  2. Lynn~ you sound like you are having the best summer...enjoy!! :)

  3. How FUN my friend! I can't wait for Fall because we are planning a get-a-way in October when the weather is cooler again.

    Thank you for visiting! You always make me SMILE!


  4. Lynn,
    You just moved from one vacation to another. You lucky girl!!! This looks like so much fun. Ummm...not quite Hawaii but a great family vacation!

    We are at Jud's parents in South Dakota and have had a lot of fun. Great antiquing, My Fair Lady and shopping with Jud's mom. I scored. She really has an eye. Most things at end of season prices. Hooray!
    Tomorrow we got back to St.Paul. It will be good to get home but it sure has been fun to get away.

    Much love, sweetie!

  5. Great bubble pictures, Lynn..clearly you're having a fun summer with your sweet family!

    I loved your comments on my blog about what you're grateful for. We're very lucky indeed, aren't we, all the more so because we know it...:>



  6. ...this is so sweet! I could do it! You know how spoiled I am living for 2 months on the island. But this is fun, and I've never done it! By the way I just love the chairs that the"boys" are sitting on, can't find something so relaxing here!