Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rediscovering the Art Room

Today I want to begin by thanking all of you for your comments. To be able to get through this crazy life with others is worth it's weight in gold. Yes, I was pretty frustrated the last few days. Thank you for commiserating with me. And, yes, there was humor in there, somewhere. There has to be. Otherwise I will sink! Sometimes this life is so ridiculous, we either have to laugh or cry. Sometimes both. At the same time.
Brenna has had an amazing two days of High School. There are the best people watching out for her. I am completely humbled when they tell me how glad they are to have her at the school and look forward to seeing her impact on the other students.

Today I am in Barnes and Noble working on this post. I have done my first day of driving Brenna to High School, driving back after lunch, picking her up and dropping her off at her old school, where, for this year she will continue her academics. (This will change by next year, as we are beginning to fundraise for the money to pay the salary for  a special ed. teacher at the High School.)
Anywho, it's 107 degrees today and I thought this would be a good spot to work on this post until I go drive to pick up Miss B. after school.

I kept walking past my art room today....

What a disaster!!!!! I have not spent much time in here over the summer. 
Lauren and I started some projects. 

We never got around to finishing them, though.

Brenna's artistic endeavors are all in here.

As you can see, I haven't quite gotten around to figuring out what to do with all of her projects.
I think that's what fall is for?

I looked at all the stuff piled...

Fits and starts of ideas...

Then I thought, this would be a great day to begin working on my journal again.
I have really wanted to journal lately. (Gee, I wonder why?)
I have a really cool journal that my sister made me for Christmas.
It's in here, somewhere...


The Alice is for ....I can't believe I will tell ALL of you this. 
It's for my first name.
Yeah. My dad was sort of old-fashioned when it came to names and he stubbornly held on to the belief that it was a "beautiful name." But my mom didn't care for it and decided I would go by my middle name.
As I got older, dad tried for YEARS to get me to go by my first name. He even bought me a mug with the name Alice on it. I let him keep it. Ah well....at least it makes me smile now!

My sister has a way with metal, don't you agree? 
I did do a couple of pages in this journal.

I have had lots of ideas of what could be put down on this paper....
But it really takes some time and commitment to begin a journal entry. And to finish it....well! That would be part of the discovery of what I want to put down on paper, right? 
But I am consistently learning that unless I make that time, I won't find it. Even if it's 15 minutes, it's a beginning and that's what is important. I can have the idea in my head (ha ha ha!!! like there's room!) and let it grow until I make my next 15 minutes count. Kinda like looking forward to dessert.
I always have room in my head for thinking about dessert.
But I think my rambling point is that it won't get done in 15 minutes, and that's o.k. I won't despair that I don't have time to finish, but rejoice that I fit something beautiful into my day.

So, here goes! I had enough time before driving to get Brenna to plop the journal on my desk-on top of all the stuff. (If I begin to move the junk I'm doomed. I'll think I need to organize it somewhere else and loose my time.) And I began my first layer.

Impressive, huh?
Not really, but I do have some ideas brewing.....
Have a great day discovering your 15 minutes!!


  1. What a neat journal that your sister made you! And I can totally understand about trying to organize your craft space! My biggest problem (well, one of my biggest!) is starting projects, not liking them or getting bored with them, and stashing them away! And scrapbooking paper! I wish I could devise a plan on how to Neatly store it all! Hope you have a great day :)

  2. What a cool little area you have to work in.. My craft room is a mess most of the time.. I try my best to keep it clean.. but its hard. I love that journal and can't wait to see what else you do to it.. it looks like your off to a great start..
    I am so glad Brenna is enjoy her first couple of days of school.. That's Wonderful..
    I hope you have a wonderful and Creative week.. Hugs, Linda

  3. Well, Alice Lynn, my craft room has spread to every room in the house with the exception of a few bathrooms. I NEED 15 minutes to gather my thoughts before I gather my stuff.

    You have given me a good swift KICK in the booty.

    And Alice IS a pretty name. I didn't think so when I was younger, but I do now. I hate my middle name and tossed it out as soon as I got married.

  4. That is a lovely journal, Lynn! The metalwork IS great! Have fun with it!

  5. Good luck on your journal entries---it is so hard getting started. My craft space looks like yours, with no reprieve in sight unfortunately.
    Also, Alice is a lovely name :-)

  6. That journal is so beautiful. Your sister does fabulous work...LOVE that metal work. I'm waiting patiently to see what you add to it next. Hope you'll find another 15 minutes soon.

  7. Hi Lynn...

    Thank you for your sweet comments left on my bloggie yesterday. If you want a HUGE LAUGH go read the comment my hubbs made late last night! He's in sooo much trouble.

    Anyway...I love your visits.

    Now...the journal is fabulous! Your sissy does absolutely beautiful work!!!! Right now my studio (the sewing part) is a huge MESS. If I showed pics of it you'd think me a total SLOB. I have to clean it up on Saturday because I can't work after it reaches the point of no return. I just stand/sit and GAZE like I'm in a trance! Argh!

    Have a wonderful day my friend~


  8. Lynn,
    What a great journal your sister made. Guess talent runs in your family, uh?

    I am so glad you went down to the art room and worked on some art. Be gentle on yourself. Anything you do right now is a huge effort. You have so much going on!

    No, I don't think you are an Alice at all! I love the name but I think you are a Lynn!

    And you are doing really well with all of this, LYNN!

    Much love,