Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Bits of Christmas

Well? How's everyone holding up?
Are you enjoying your days?
 Or are you ready to scream at the car in the grocery store parking lot that just took the last space for the next 30 miles?
Today, I just gave many, many thanks that I don't work in retail.
Then I told each check out person to have a great day and made sure I thanked them. 
I listened to lots of Christmas music, made myself laugh and gave more thanks that I don't live in Canada right now. Or anywhere where you all have that "lake effect snow". YIKES.

Here's one way I made myself laugh today.
I collect the coffee sleeves from my Starbucks cups.
It's cool cardboard and it just seems a waste to toss them.
Plus, I pretty much keep the company in business by my decaf addiction alone, so I figure it's just wrong to toss all those cool pieces of cardboard.
O.K., I don't save all of them, but that might change, now that I've found something to do with them:

I found this idea from Roben-Marie's blog. It's a fantastic blog, you will have to take a look.
I also signed up for a gift bag class. Not sure when I'll get on that one, but it's gonna be good when I do!

Just cut up those little sleeves, add some pretty bits of ribbon, a piece of muslin and sew the edges.
Then stamp the gift recipient's name on the muslin.
Here's the funny part. I DON'T SEW.
But between the gift bags and these cool tags, I'm feeling like a seamstress.
If anyone wants a skirt made out of paper bags or coffee sleeves, I'm your gal!

Then I got all original, got out my crop-o-dile and put a hole in the tag and the bag and fastened the tag with a snowflake brad.

While this next idea is not original, it is the best gift to do. Well, once you get the hang of running tissue paper through your printer. And realizing that there is a wrong way and a right way to put the pattern on the candle. (Wrong way = wording upside down.)
This I found on Gail's blog, http://www.cantstopmakingthings.com. Very fun place to visit!

Cool, yes?

Now, if I could only learn to begin these projects in October. Not even in the summer. But October would be good.
Last year I swore I wouldn't start my sister's gifts two weeks before Christmas.
Well, Carol and Sue....
I didn't learn very well!!

Hope you are all finding joy and peace in your days and maybe even making yourself laugh!

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  1. Love your projects, Lynn~ they really turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your have some really neat, creative projects! Happy Holidays from your newest follower.

    Thanks for stopping by and commentinging on my misbehaving cloches. Things just were not going right with those pictures so I junked it, and them later started cropping the pictures and giving them voices. If it doesn't work, just make it silly. My glass is always half full. :)

  3. Lynn, I LOVE your Roben-Marie style tags and how you've made them your own. I, too, am not a seamstress, but she always inspires me to find my sewing machine!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Wow Lynn! I LOVE these ideas! And what a cool thing to upcycle those Starbucks thingies!! I have a decaf addiction, too! Isn't that funny??!!
    I thought I was addicted to caffeine, but when I had to switch I realized it was just to coffee!! HA!!

    You are so creative!! Wish we could get together and make stuff! How fun would that be??!!

    I am so glad I am in sunny Florida, and not dealing with constant cold, rain, sleet, snow etc...!!

    In fact, today after Maddy's class we are going to...THE BEACH!! YAY!! It will be almost 80 here today and is GORGEOUS!! I haven't been in weeks...so we're off!!

    Love and hugs to you my friend!
    Have a fantastic day!

  5. What adorable creation you have here.. I love them. so clever.

    I have to admit, I am addicted to full strenth, strong coffee. I am worhtless with out my coffee in the morning. In fact I am having a little cup of java right now!
    My favorit Starbucks coffee is the Cafe Mocha.. I am pretty sure they have about a 1000 calories in them.
    So they are just like a little treat for me.

    BTW - I had to go to Lowes the other day.. of course I had to peak and see if the had a pop up Rudolph.. NO Such Luck!

    Hope you have a great day!


  6. such fun catching up with you Lynn

    what a lot of inspiration...thank you for sharing the links...your candle is gorgeous and still looks quite musical...looks like something I would do ;)

    is Brenna counting 'sleeps' until Santa comes :)

  7. oh and I KNEW I was saving my husbands cozies for something other than making lines with paint LOL

    thank you!

  8. You are just a coffee cup cardboard sleeve, cuttin' craftin' machine! That is seriously a great idea and I'm thinking you could just make me a whole outfit out of them. Maybe with a vest? :-) Thanks so much for sharing these fabulous ideas at Inspiration Friday!
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  9. You always inspire me. But I'm afraid the a cardboard outfit would eventually melt in the snow here. Oh, no!

    Seriously though...you are a joy to know. I posted about the surprise gift you sent me in the mail.

    Big Hugs sweet friend,

  10. All clever ideas indeed! Love all that you are creating!