Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where To Begin??

Hello, dear friends!
Where, oh where to begin today?
This holiday season, I have been given the gift of TIME by one of our dear friends that is home from studying abroad. She is doing the mid-day pick up of Miss Brenna and transporting her to each school for me. Which means I have un-interrupted time between 8 and 3. What a gift!!! I can get the house ready for Christmas, get shopping done, actually mail things on time, create some artwork, maybe even post some things on Etsy....
Or, I could be laid up with Sciatica this week.

It seems my body did not like working on some adorable bags (from this tutorial) at the kitchen table for several hours. In great protest, my Sciatica reared it's ugly head and I find myself with a lot of time for contemplation at 2 a.m. when I can't get comfortable and am up the rest of the night. There is also time for contemplation during the day while my heating pad and I become best of friends.

The kicker? My dog, Miss Party herself, protested at not being walked or having much attention paid to her by finding one of those bags I made and SHREDDED IT TO PIECES.

The funny part is that I really, truly wanted to move slowly this holiday season. To take TIME in preparing. To take TIME to think what a gift we have been given in the form of a baby- the Light of the World, come to us in such a human way. To think of and hopefully do something for  those that I know and love that are suffering right now, as it is so much more profound during this season.

As each day unfolds this month,

I am wishing you PEACE

in each situation you find yourself in.

Even if the dog does shred your artwork.

I've linked this to Vanessa's -
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Much love,


  1. Ohhhh, Lynn! Your gift bags are amazing and beautiful - full of holiday loveliness!!! I feel badly that your sciatica kicked up as a result of your sewing session!!! Hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment about my studio. The door is always open!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. I had bad sciatic pain when I was pregnant. Oh it's awful! I hope you feel better soon.

    Your bags are so pretty. Did you kill the dog? They can be so spiteful sometimes!

  3. Oh no! That darn dog! I have been there. My bassets have helped distress many of project and purchases! Ugh! These are lovely. Feel better. I have fallen off horses too many times and have issues with sciatica on occasion too. It is not fun.

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I sure hope that you are feeling better soon! I've had sciatica before, and know just how painful it is! So feel better soon! I love your bags, they are gorgeous! Sounds like your pup was having fun, too!!

  5. Oh sciatica...NO FUN... hope it passes quickly! Love all your fun creations! Naughty pup...mine would do the same thing!

  6. Oh...you mean there really could be truth to the old "the dog ate my homework" story????

    Hope you are feeling better, Chickie.

  7. Oh no! Bad doggie, very bad doggie :( You could eat the candles, eat her lunch, but don't eat her artwork. Take it from me - it's not a good thing to eat artwork. I hope you get to feeling better. Thankful of course for the gift of a friend and precious time.


    Romeo and "her"

  8. I love the bags and really hope you feel better soon. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, it's a shame to not be able to enjoy it to its fullest. But like you mention, sometimes slowing down is just the way to enjoy the season.
    Get well soon.
    April from HomeHinges.com

  9. I just love popping in and reading your blog. It has such a cozy feel to it..

    I get 3 weeks off work at Christmas time and I always think that same thought. I am going to relax and take my time and enjoy the holidays. But I think I need to plan a little better. Cause it never goes as smoothly in life as it does in my head.. Does that happen to you?

    Your bags look so pretty. Hope you have a great weekend..

    Hugs, Linda

  10. Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for linking up this post to the party this week! I feel that this so represents the highs and lows of life...a roller coaster ride for sure. The joy of the gift of time (God bless that friend!), the frustrating pain of our earthly bodies, the fun of creating something beautiful (your cards are gorgeous!) and the lows of finding something ruined that you poured yourself into. Through it all, we get to see that your faith and your sense of humor remains intact and I just want you to know how inspiring you are to me! :-)
    P.S. I just wanted you to know that I've added you to my blogroll!

  11. Time, what a great gift! Yes sitting in a hard chair for a couple hours would do my back in as well, hope you're feeling better.

  12. Lynn,
    No sciatica! I have heard that is very painful. I do hope you are feeling better.You are so delightful and find humor in every situation. I am so glad you are my friend!

  13. Wouldn't you know, the moment you get to spend a little time by yourself doing your favoritest things...your body lets you down!!! Don't ya just hate that!!!
    I've had an ENORMOUS cold brought home by Kai for about 5 days now & instead of getting better, I'm getting worse...this sucks!!! Doesn't my body know it's CHRISTMAS & I have stuff to do??? LOL
    Here's to medicine & hot drinks & hot pads & the hope that one day we will feel good again! ;)
    Hugs Friend,

  14. I have no clue how I missed this post. I only had a hint that I had missed something by the one you wrote today (Sat.) I'm sorry about the sciatica. I do understand when the body rebels in pain because of my fibro. NOT fun!!

    But the bags are cute!

  15. LOVE seeing your gorgeous bag creations...tasty creations ;)

    I only sewed two shut by accident but cut the deco part off and kept making

    hope your sciatica is history now
    fa la laaa
    p.s. almost missed these we were out of town for a long weekend