Thursday, May 5, 2011

Near And Dear To My Heart

Have you ever thought of riding a bike?
For 3,000 miles?
From Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland?

My husband and seven other men did, three years ago.

They did it in 7 days, and 21 hours.

With the help of, might I say, an amazing crew.

24 hours a day.
Seven days.
Through the Rockies, through the plains of Kansas.
Over the rolling hills of West Virginia and everywhere in between.

What ever for?
Good question.
One reason:

These amazing men raised enough money to begin a Special Education Center at a small Private school called Redlands Christian.
Since then, these kids have had a community of people that have embraced them like they have never experienced before in a school setting. These kids have participated in choir, art, p.e., field trips, science projects, full inclusion, partial inclusion, sports, awards night, graduation...the whole shebang.
The best part?
Watching them be like other kids.
Hearing how the families of these children are being supported.
Hearing Brenna sigh when I pull up in the driveway to the school and the way she says, "I love this school."
Well, now. These kids don't stay kids forever do they?
No, they grow into fabulous teen- agers, complete with all the normal teen behavior.
They want to continue into high school with all the friends they have made.

So far, this year, Brenna has been able to do this at  Arrowhead Christian Acadamy. With the help of buddies, like the one above. Lots of buddies. And amazing teachers. And even more amazing students. It has been a tentative year, as there is no Special Education Center here. 
Brenna has been participating in choir, P.E., Fit For Life, and works in the office. She has been water girl for the j.v. and varsity girl's volleyball team. You could say Brenna pretty much owns the hallways in this school! Half way through the day, I pick her up and transport her back to Redlands Christian School and she finishes up the day with her academics.

But there are others that want to begin high school here. Brenna wants to continue here with the friends she has made.
What to do? What to do?
Guess it's time to get back on the bike.
For another 3,000 miles.
May I introduce you to the 2011 Race Across America Team,

Tony and Rick,

Dave, Scott and Carl.

My personal favorite, Doug.

 Craig and his dad, Bob.

Oh, I ADORE these guys.
Not one of them (with the exception of Doug) has a child in Special Education.
But they will get on a bike and ride 24 hours a day for SEVEN days for kids like Brenna.
Did I mention that I adore them?
They are the funniest, sweetest, Godliest men I know.
And Doug? Well. I'll cry if I go on about him, but darn. He looks good in bike shorts.
So, I'll let each one of them tell you their story.
No, really.
You can follow along on this journey!!!!
How cool is that?

You can read about training rides, and when they take off for the race June 18, you can
It will be way cool. Way, way cool.

For instance, why they are doing the race, a photo gallery, a fun video from Doug
a donate button.
a donate button.
o.k., fine.

Well, they aren't doing it for the fun of it!!
And I really want to give you the opportunity, if you so choose, to be able to participate in a grand way!
If you do so choose,
this and go to the


It will take you directly to the "Go Fund Me" portion of the site and you can make a donation online.
if you click
then click "THE TEAM" on the left side bar, you can meet each one of the guys and choose who's name you would like to donate in.

We thank you.
Whether you donate or pray.
We thank you.
Whether you spread the word or keep it close to your heart.
We thank you.

Oh, man. We love you all.

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  1. Well heck-fur, if that isn't enough to make even this ferocious heart melt. What a great set of guys!!!! "She" told me to tell you that even if they don't look good in bike shorts, they would melt "her" heart with their kindness. Me? Well, purrsonally, they can wear whatever they want, especially if they are carrying cat snacks with them on the trip ;)



  2. Wow, and wow! That is an amazing thing those guys do. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Looking forward to following along.Go Team Learning 4 Life!

  3. Bravo! I will check it out and do SOMETHING! If I remember ;-)
    Love you, Lynn. This is so special.

  4. Oh my Heck.. That is amazing. My legs are killing me just thinking about it.. What a wonderful post..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. This is a wonderful post! I love that these guys work so hard for these kids. I was shocked that only one actually has a special ed kid themselves. Makes me smile. So glad Brenna is doing so well. I'm off to donate. p.s - I'm from Annapolis!

  6. What a great bunch! That is truly amazing!

  7. Oh Lynn! I've read this twice now and got teary each time. What a wonderful group of Godly men and what a powerful message of sacrifice and love. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday...a most inspiring post indeed!


  8. What dedication! There ARE good people in this world!!! The dedication of these men is inspiring! Thanks for an awesome, heart melting post! Ohhhhh . . . . and Happy Mother's Day too!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

    PS I chuckled when I read that Brenna pretty much owns the hallways!!! :)

  9. What a precious post Lynn. And what a joy these guys are! I know you are so proud of your man, especially!

    I will certainly be praying for all of them and that this will be a great success!!

    Hugs to you gal!
    Love seeing you beautiful smiling face!!

  10. Guess what was on my porch???? It had come while we were gone, and I didn't know it. I don't know if the neighbors had put it there or the post man! Thank you! Thank you!
    If I can just get a camera to work, I want to boast all about it.

    And I finally got the site to open for me yesterday. I had been getting a black or blue screen up until then, but it finally opened.

    I think this is really wonderful. I just wish I lived near the route to see it.

  11. You must be beyond proud. What a wonderful cause, what a wonderful, selfless group of men. Hoorah for all of the kids to have them "go the extra mile" for them. xoxoxooxoxo

  12. I'm visiting from the Picket fence and just want to say that is the most amazing story of inspiration ever!

  13. My daughter/blog partner has ridden her bicycle across the country three times and helped raise over $600,000 for Habitat for Humanity. She did this despite having Crohn's disease. So we here at The 2 Seasons salute these gentlemen. (I rode cross-country once but Judy for fun-not for such worthy causes.