Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ramblings, part 2

Since my child left my camera case in the motor home used on the 24 hour practice ride, I am without my usb port to hook my camera up to my computer to transfer photos.
Not like I have any new photos to share...
Not like I made great strides in the art world this weekend to share with you....
But I did rent and watch the Justin Beiber movie with Brenna and her friend.
Although we didn't have pizza for breakfast this weekend, we survived pretty well on chili and I made breakfast burritos instead.
The crew and riders took on 50 mph winds during part of the bike ride and we think our team is ready to take off June 18!
That said, may I take a moment and ramble about hormones, or lack there of?
'Cause I don't have any art to ramble about....
It's a strange sensation, this slippery slide into Menopause. I think it should be called Brainpause. Frequently, I find my poor husband looking at me with great concern on his face. It is usually followed by a comment such as, "Wow. You really forgot _____?" or, "Seriously? You don't remember______?"

My doctor basically sent me on my merry way and suggested I read up on the subject and said to call her if sweating at night got really awful.
She didn't mention that each month I "pause", new symptoms would appear and cause myself and my family to be dazed and confused.

I have decided the way to combat this is to cash it all in, leave our home of 20 years and go live at the beach.

I would probably walk most everywhere.
I wouldn't mind walking my dog.
If we didn't walk, we could bike.
(Doug is really good at bike riding.)

I think better at the beach. 
I really believe salt air and water is the best alternative replacement for hormones.

I'm pretty certain I wouldn't mind doing laundry if I didn't live at the beach.
I'm CERTAIN I would sleep better living at the beach.

Creativity would abound....

and my sea shell collection would be A.MAZE.ING.

Let's hope Lauren finds that camera bag soon....



  1. Oh Lynn, you have hit home today
    I just got back from my hormone test today.
    After Brooklyn was born I had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 35 cut to two years later and wow, I have been side swiped by the surgery.
    Forgetful isn't even the word...and uhhumm, I won't mention the other not so fun stuff.
    No one told or warned me of the side effects of having this surgery so young in age. But it did save my life so I guess I can't complain about a little sweating and forgetfulness, lol
    Now what was I talking about....

  2. Love that new word "brainpause" - because I have it and have had it for years! If you decide to test the theory about beach therapy and need a volunteer you can contact me. I'll have my bags ready!

  3. LOL! Love the word "brainpause"...I SO get this! The beach sounds good to me, too! XO

  4. Oh Lynn, if you only knew how MUCH I relate to this post this morning!!! I'm lost without the ability to upload (or take) a picture, but it's that whole pausing that is doing me in.
    I had thought about blogging about it, but my computer is messed up enough with me BANGING away at my keys in a hot frenzy.

  5. But one more thing: The beach? I want to pause in Alaska instead. Just sayin'...

  6. I am right there with you on this one.. Not only do I get the night sweats and wake up at 2:00 am every night.. I am so moody. Sometimes I really want to hurt someone.. That is not me.. I have never wanted to plot a murder before.. Ever.. Now about that brainpause.. I am a true blonde so.. Need I say more.. Hee Hee.. I must admit the beach would be a perfect place to live.. I wouldn't mind waking up at 2 am if I could listen to the ocean..

    Hope you have a happy day.

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Add me to the list of "brainopause" victime! Like Amy, I had a complete hysterectomy many years ago. Hormone therapy was not was it is today, and I opted out when my DH came home from work and found me sitting in the wearing my jammies and sitting in the same position at the kitchen table 9 hours earlier. Only diff was that I was surrounded by tissues 'cuz I'd been crying all day!!! How pathetic was THAT?!?!?!? And yes, I CAN relate to sleepless nights AND soaking wet nightgowns. When my sweet husband complains about the fan, I told him that I hope he comes back as a 50+ menopausal woman!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  8. Menopause.....hmmmm, is it that thing that makes you cry, be edgy, feel depressed, have insecurities, sweat, feel strange???? Yup! I see me moving to Argentina finding me a younger one (men don't mature anyway, so why not have a fresh one!) and try to get over the menopause issue as mildly as possible! Care to join me!