Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sitting On The Bleachers

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a lot of "quality" time with Brenna today.
However, I could look at it as an opportunity to let my behind get wider.
I could look at it as an opportunity to do a little art work.
What was this opportunity, you ask?
Ahh...spending 4 1/2 hours on the bleachers at Brenna's school today.

I took my sketch book for the heck of it.

I had some ideas for the "She Art" class...

These are from the a.m. bleacher sitting. From 7-10 a.m.

Brenna is part of a "show" choir and was part of the chapel at school this morning.
She joined the other choirs for singing worship and she was a trooper for such an early morning practice.

Then I stayed for 1st period, as her regular shadow had finals today.
 First period is choir. 
In the gym.
More practice for the big recital performance on Wednesday evening.

Then I had to stay for chapel to see how she did.
She tends to love performing, but has developed a bad case of nerves while up on stage and will start to cough, then yawn, then take a big breath and, well, gag. 
Doug and I often wonder why we continue to let her do choir.

Thank goodness it didn't happen today. She actually had a blast!

We were back at the gym after school for more practice for the big night.

She seemed to be doing pretty well, having fun..so I sketched some more.

And made myself laugh

with my little doodles.

I'm hoping they will show up again with colorful paper to outline them in some way.
But not tonight. I think my head might roll right off my shoulders.

I'm just glad I'm off the bleachers!
Sweet dreams...


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  1. You're a great doodler! The only thing I can and do doodle is a chain of daisies. Over and over and over and over.

    I'm glad Brenna did well at rehearsal, too. I have to tell you that I chuckled when you wrote "gag".

  2. Amazing Doodling.. I must admit I am a really bad drawer.. But you make it look quite fun. Maybe I should give it a try again. So glad Brennna rehearsal went well..

    I am hoping you are having a happy day.. I am here in California (Carlsbad) camping on the ocean.. It is heavenly..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. doodling at 7 a.m.??? i hope you had a good cup of coffee to keep you company on the bleachers! love the bunnies & birds! and that brenna loves to sing. have a great weekend!

  4. Ahhhh, yes! I the memories of occupying space on a cold bleacher seat are all coming back to me, Lynn! I must say . . . . you've found the perfect way to use that time. Your little bunnies are adorable!!! Will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed so that Brenna doesn't have a panic attack on stage on performance night!!! Hope you have a very happy holiday weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxox