Monday, September 13, 2010

Splash Dogs

Sunday, Doug, Brenna and I took a drive to the Bass Pro Outlet store.
 The store was sponsoring the "Splash Dogs" competition. 
It is 3 days of dogs and their owners seeing how far the dogs can launch themselves off of a dock into a pool 27 feet long.

It is an obnoxiously big store, but I have to admit, it's kinda fun to look around inside.
Brenna agrees.

Back to the dogs. 
The owner lines his/her dog up on the dock and makes them stay.
This particular dog was a beautiful example of "stay."

Next, the owner would walk to the end of the dock, turn and look at his dog and yell, "GOGOGOGOGO!!!"
The dog would take off like a rocket down the dock (some were clocked at 35 mph!!!)
At just the right time, the owner would throw a ball or training device into the pool, making sure it wasn't too high so the dog could continue to track with it, and making sure it was a long and straight throw so the dog wouldn't turn as it was jumping to look for it.

This dog was so fast going off the dock that I totally missed his head!!

I do like this picture, though. This dog is SO gone!!!!

 This dog won the contest for the day. He(?) is actually a WORLD record holder for this sport.
Apparently, there is a whole sub-culture out there of these people and they travel all over to compete.

Even though the throw was a little off to the side,

See how the dog's head is turning?

He still managed to jump a whopping.....

25 feet!!!
No kidding!!!
Here is a look at the pool to get an idea of how far these animals go:

It was 97 degrees outside. (What happened to fall?) They were pouring water onto the asphalt so the dogs wouldn't burn the pads of their feet.
Brenna had the right idea and stood next to the side in the "splash zone" and came away soaking wet!

Now this, dog-he was dead on straight. NOTHING could deter him!

Here are some great "launch" photos:

It was sheer delight to watch these dogs do what they truly love!

The next photo is not of a dog. Don't ask me why, but I love to people watch. I couldn't believe it, but I oh, so casually aimed my camera over my arm to get a photo of this gal:

She FASCINATED me!! She wandered out by herself with her cute gold Coach bag, her little topknots on her head and her cute as pie wedges. I think she was all of 5 ft tall and about 90 lbs soaking wet.
So what, right? 
Well, she also carried a purchase in a bag from the Pro shop.
It was a rifle carrying case.
Something about it just didn't fit...

O.k. Dogs.
Here is the small dog competition. They had to be under 16 inches long.
Take a guess what the winning jump was.

Twelve feet!! Pretty good for something that little, huh?

Oh, man. What a fun day!! 
Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


  1. What a fun post, Lynn! We love watching this contest on TV! You sure got some great shots!! And my hubby being a hunter, we frequent Bass Pro Shops in Orlando quite frequently. I must admit, seeing the mountains in the background is so cool for someone down here in flat Florida!!

    LOVE your new blog look, too! Great choice!

    Have a great week!

  2. GREAT photos. Wow, did you get a new camera? How often do they do this event? That looks like something Aliyah would love!

  3. I am rolling on the floor laughing. You should be a social worker...something about the rifle case just doesn't fit. OMG, rolling on the floor!! I LOVE this competition and have watched it on TV a couple of times. it's the BEST. Wish I had been there. Glad you were there and shared it with us. Rolling...

  4. I like people watching too. People are funny!
    Also, the splash dog thing looks so fun, I bet the doggies had a great time!

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Sounds like sooo much fun. I love dogs. We have three including a young Labradoodle who loves to launch herself off of the stairs, the deck, the furniture, you name it and she's happy to jump from it. I'm working on manners for stairs and furniture. LOL. Perhaps I should see if there is a splash dog group around here.


  6. Even though I am a cat person, dogs can have their moments......

  7. I've seen that before on TV, but I bet in RL, it was even more amazing! Just wonderful how far those dogs can go. And as for little bit, maybe it was gift for her Dad? LOL. Funny. Sweet hub LOVEs that store...me, not so much. LOL.


  8. OM Goodness Girl, You got some awesome shots of the dogs actually flying through mid air!!! You should do photography for the Acrobatic Dog Weekly Gazette...really!!! {I made up that name,lol}
    Looks like a great day filled with fun & wet smelling dogs, love it!

  9. absolutely delightful and fun post Lynn!

    what great pics you got of those happy leaping pups!

    you all must have had such a fun time!

    so interesting too about you people peeping ;)

  10. Hi Sweetie,
    That dog show is just fabulous.You must have had so much fun. I love watching happy dogs. Nothing like it! I vote you the family that has the most fun (though I think I already did!)

    Writing from Prague. Love this city. Tomorrow we are going to visit Prague castle. I even get a scooter to ride in! Everything is so beautiful and the food is way too good. We are trying hard not to overeat. I felt a little done in this morning and Jud brought me a cup of hot chocolate. well, it was hot chocolate...the best melted chocolate I have ever had. I guess it was Italian. Yum!

    Sending love!

  11. So you like to people watch? Yep, know all about that. "She" does it ALL the time. Says they are interesting.

    Purrsonally, I prefer watching dogs. So your post is purrfect! Love to watch dogs who like water - once had a Golden Retriever named Brandy. Loved that girl. Boy could she swim. Loved to watch her and would sit with her after she was done. Usually feel asleep. I mean this dog watching will wear a cat out. All that expended energy. On what? Dogs can be interesting too, see?!?

    "She" says those are great photos and I agree with her like being there! What more could I ask for - great pictures of an interesting event and still close enough to my nap bed. After watching them, I was so worn out I needed a nap! How about you???