Thursday, September 9, 2010


You all know my friend, Susie. She has the fabulous blog,
She sent my something in the mail yesterday.
(I am really, really liking my mail lately!!)

It was a brochure for her store, Lambs & Ivy Boutique.
I did a post on her store a while back, here.

It's a great brochure. I wondered why she sent it to me....hmmm

Cute. I remember those vintage photos in her store.

Hey. That is one of my favorite photos I took while in her store!!
It's a gorgeous chandelier. What's it doing...

That photo on the right? The one of the metal tin with the nest on top? That's the one that made me want to live in Susie's store. I love, love that photo.
Well! If I might say so, it sure looks good in the brochure.

What's this??
NO WAY! Really??
My photos were used in Susie's brochure?
O.K. Some days, I am a little slow, I admit it. But this? Really? Susie liked my photos of her store enough to put them in her brochure????
Holy guacamole, Batman!!!!

Yes. My head is swelling just a tiny bit.

But mostly, I am honored!!

And super surprised!!!

Susie, you sure know how to make a girl's day!!
Thank you for being my friend, having a beautiful store and using these photos!!!


  1. How exciting! Now you can say your work has been published!! Looks like a gorgeous shop :)

  2. You go gurl!!!!! I'm so very proud for you. And its a gorgeous brochure and postcard....new career path maybe? :)


  3. How exciting that your photos are in print now! You are now famous. :)

  4. This is so fun! They are wonderful photos, Lynn~ Congrats!

  5. An honor AND a surprise to boot. Now that's a great reason to open the mail. I would be tickled pink!

    And you gave me such a morning smile with "Holy guacamole, Batman!"

    I give batman shout outs all the time. I guess it's just our generation.

    Congratulations to a deserving photographer!!

  6. Hey Friend...
    You & your magic camera take AMAZING PHOTOS girl!!! I have been using these ever since you took them, in so many different places. They are without a doubt, my very favorite pictures of my shop I've ever had...in 5 years!
    It's I who thank you for making my shop look so inviting & charming. You captured the very essense I have always had for this little shop...I adore you & your camera!
    Big Hugs Lynn & I think the brochure is the cutest...

  7. Lynn,
    Congratulations! What a feather in your cap! I think feeling proud is just right! You do such a good job capturing feelings with your photos. It looks like a great brochure. That Susie is really something, too!

    Love you, sweetie!

  8. Hi Lynn,

    Congratulations! The brochure is wonderful and your photos are perfect. I just started blogging again after a taking some time to deal with illness, blah, blah, blah. Its so good to be back. Now I've gotta go figure out what the Ragamuffin Gospel book that your reading is all about.