Friday, September 17, 2010

Trying For Fall

I'm trying.
It's 90+ degrees out here, but we are trying to pretend fall is here.

On went the air conditioner and out came the pumpkin.

and the sugar

and the eggs.

We learned a new trick from my friend, Stephanie-
no more batter all over the cupboards!!!

The mixing bowl goes right into the sink and if it splatters, there are no worries.
My dog isn't fond of this arrangement. She loves splatters.

Ta daaaa!!

Oh, baby! These are so, SO good right out of the oven!!!
Especially when the air conditioning is on.
Might be better with real fall weather, though.


  1. Oh, I so love the smell of pumpkin cooking! I think it must be fall in a lot of places. It is cool here. Why did I bring my sandals? Tomorrow we go to Rijeka and there are heavy rains! Still, I would rather be here than home. Travel is wonderful.

    Isn't it sad that there are beautiful churches and people don't go? Our guide said that only the very old go but neither she or her parents had ever belonged to a church. I don't know how they are kept in such good shape.

    Now you have me in blissdom...thinking of smells of pumpkin and lavender. I will add to that CHOCOLATE. I had another cup of hot chocolate today...thick and almost like pudding but the best tasting drink I have ever had.

    Sending you big hugs!

  2. You crack me up, with the air conditioner on!!! Those muffins look awesome, so now I will have to bake some too. Maybe for Nate's next snack day :-)

  3. Hey! How did you get pumpkin? The stores here in Michigan all proclaim a nationwide pumpkin shortage!!! Not a single can on the shelves and I've been looking for weeks.

    Pumpkin muffins are my fave. Try them with a mug of steaming hot cider. Can't get anymore autumn in the air than that.

    Sooo sad to hear that you had to resort air conditioning. I guess I shouldn't tell you that it was 63degrees here today. But hey, you have the pumpkin and we all know --you can't have everything! LOL


  4. I'm trying too!! It was a little crisp this morning on our walk. Not as bad as it's been.

    Plus, I get out before sunrise on the deck. That feels a bit fallish.

    I LOVE pumpkin. It's probably my second favorite taste next to chocolate. I want some pumpkin muffins.

  5. Whoa... just read that comment.
    What was that about a pumpkin shortage??? I'm not feeling very happy right this minute...

  6. Yummm you and Brenna are baking queens! not afraid of a hot kitchen either!

  7. oh man, I swear I can smell these! haha, they look delicious! and I love that tip about the batter, I always get it EVERY WHERE

  8. Sounds delicious! Pumpkin certainly brings on the fall. My mom makes pumpkin bread (with chocolate chips) that's my favorite. I think maybe I need to make a phone call...

  9. That looks so yummy.. It takes me back to elementary school, on every friday we would get pumkin bread.. I loved it. It made our friday that much more special..

    It is still pretty warm here also.. But at least it is cooler in the mornings... Hope you have a wonderful weekend.. Hugs, Linda

  10. I see you put your daughter to work, too (my daughter has been baking ALL of our muffins lately)!
    I love pumpkin muffins and bread... perfect for Fall. My husband and I just had pumpkin bread and scones at Starbucks this morning. Too bad we don't have the Fall weather to go with our Fall mood!

  11. Great idea about the bowl in the sink! It always helps to have a good helper in the kitchen as well.
    Pumpkin muffins makes me want to go put a sweatshirt on and watch some football.

  12. I bet those muffins are good right out of the oven.....

    But you forgot to mention the part about smearing them with about a stick of butter and pouring the cup of coffee.................

    Do I mention the fact that it barely made it into the 50s here today???

    Or not.

  13. Oh VERY clever -- in the sink. I'm going to remember that.

    I love fall. But I wish the weather would change already!

  14. OK girly...I'm sooo thinking about totally BLOWING my diet and making something fabulous like this!

    The Fair started here in Oklahoma and I'm dreaming about, well....

    Fried Pies, Indian Tacos, Cotton Candy, Pumpkin Muffins and Funnel Cakes...

    If I gain any weight I'm going to BLAME YOU!

    xo~Rebecca PS: Tell Brenna Hi for me! :)