Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun With Antiques

On my R and R weekend, we spent a day looking at antiques.

I have a fun idea for these critters. They will either wear party hats or become part of a frame.
Really. Want to know why?
Because they are in the "I will get things done NEXT in this basket" basket.

They are with the other things I will get done next.
Or, more realistically, they are there because if I put them away somewhere, I won't remember I have them. Sad, but true.

I also found this cool book.

It's not in great shape, therefore I don't mind taking it apart. But it is super old.

I can just imagine Herma and Idola's happiness at receiving this book!
Well, wouldn't you be happy to have a cool book if your name was Herma or Idola?

I found this cutie patootie in the same store. The frog I found in a different store. Why do we call these frogs? Does anyone know?

I got the picture for free when I purchased the book. What a deal!
I love this look- the old pictures nestled into a frog. It's my newest obsession. Which, I am sure will change by tomorrow when I see something else.
It's in my art room now.

Right above my handy-dandy "next" basket.

You'll love this next idea.

The people over at My Friends and I use the most clever things for labeling. They laminated these old playing cards and included their website on the back side.

Is this the cutest, or what? Did I mention my newest obsession is looking for old playing cards?
Oh. That's right. It's frogs and old pictures. Ummmm...and playing cards. Yeah. That's it.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    What great finds! The little dogs are so cute, can't wait to see what you do with them1 And I love using old books for crafting, too! Yes, I've always wondered how flower frogs got their name! BTW: I would need a HUGE basket to put all of my "to do" projects in!!!

  2. LOVE them all...especially the dog figurines!

  3. You're so funny, Lynn! I can identify with your changing passions...my own turn quickly according to the latest thrift store finds. I do love the photo in the frog, and that book is spectacular. Great that you got some R and R...:)


  4. All fun great stuff! I love the playing card idea...I may have to use that one myself!

  5. A lot of great ideas, Lynn. I especially like the inscription in the book. I like to pick up little valentines from the 20s and 30s...they are always inscribed in pencil, and almost always from one girl to another...BFFs, ha ha!

  6. Lol - I hate when that happens... I forget about stuff all the time. Once I returned an item that I purchased, but didn't remember. I had the whole family help me tear the house upside down looking for it.. then I found the return receipt in my purse. Felt like an idiot, but still don't remember returning it. Sigh...


  7. You know I'm all about frogs & old baby cabinet cards, their the BESTEST!!! oh yeah, & old baby shoes too!
    I love the childrens book you found, the front illustration is wonderful! Looking for vintage junk is just one of those things that makes life worth livin, don't ya think?
    Big Hugs Friend,

  8. I think they are called "frogs" because the flower holder can sit in the water like frogs????

  9. fun fun fun Lynn
    I just picked up a couple of frogs myself, in fact a rectangular one and a tiny round one ... it's all about shapes with those, isn't it. Mr Magpie heard me call them 'frogs' and said "is that what they're called???" ... we too are wondering!

    there is a certain joy that comes from rescuing items ... pieces of history that are still kicking!

    party hats sound just perfect ... Love the way you think Lady

  10. Great finds. That book is such a treasure and I love the idea of making business cards from old playing cards.

  11. You can not make me laugh and then expect me to focus on the nifty treasures. I had to finish giggling about Herma and Idola and then go back to the beginning...

    I don't know why they're called frogs, either. Hmm. I do love the way you're using them. That's clever!

    Great and fun post as usual. I love coming here.

    I put your button up for the button of the week on my blog, btw.

  12. I love the dog figurines, the book and that baby pic! Love the business card idea too! So clever. Of course, someone would give it to me and I would use it in my artwork and then not be able to reach the business! Have a great week!