Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We are actually having some weather here in Southern California! I'm loving the feel of fall and the holidays. BOTH of my girls are home, my sweet husband has the week off and I am beyond grateful.
Plus, I don't have to cook the turkey this year. 

Do you remember your first Thanksgiving Turkey you cooked?
Ours was a doozy. 
It was a collaberative effort with another couple we had become friends with while Doug was in medical school. We were miles and miles away from home (Oklahoma) and anything that we recognized as a Thanksgiving dinner, but we were sure we could pull it off.
We first realized we were in trouble when my friend forgot to thaw the turkey.
Guess that's important. 
I just have a vivid memory of a 10 lb. turkey going in circles in the microwave in hopes that we could thaw it enough to stuff it and put it in the oven.
Which we did, because I remember making gravy.

Can you say Alpo?
Seriously. It looked just like a can of Alpo had been opened and dumped into the pan.
I don't recall much else of the meal....I'm pretty sure we did not eat the gravy, but I'm guessing we found an alternative. 
I'm happy to say 25 years later I can cook a pretty mean turkey and my gravy rocks!!
Brenna and I will attempt to make the famous pumpkin pie from the recipe provided by my friend, Susan. I hope it turns out half as wonderful as hers!! Otherwise, well....Marie Callendars does a pretty good pie.

I'm so Thankful to have each one of you as blog friends.  Let's continue to hold each other up and encourage each other any way we can!

Much love,


  1. We are thankful to have you Lynn! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Popping in to wish you and your precious family a very happy Thanksgiving dear Lynn!

    I get off easy each year...my job is to make the Candied Yams...sweet potatoes with whiskey...everyone seems to enjoy them ;)


  3. ooo and I am full of gratefulness on being connected to sweet souls like yourself!!!
    Love your turkey story!

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too Lynn! I bet you have never left the giblet bag (or whatever that gross stuff is in that little sack!) inside the turkey cavity! Ok, I 'll admit that I did once!

  5. My first turkey, I did just what Donna did~ never knew there was a neck or giblet bag to be removed...I was cooking for my new in-laws, too! LOL! I have to admit I mess something up every year...
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day next to your luvies, enjoy enjoy enjoy.....please have some extra turkey and pumpkin pie for me too, because here is just another ordinary day...sniff sniff!!!

  7. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. When I read this of course it reminded me of my first Trukey I cooked.. I was only 18. My parents had moved to Missouri. So it was just me and my little sister and our boyfriends.. Living on our own. Thinking we knew everything. The Turkey wasn't the problem. It was the stuffing, for some reason we thought we needed about 5 loafs of bread. By the time I got all that bread cut up in cubes, I knew we didn't have a clue what we were doing.. We didn't even have a bowl big enough for all that bread. I guess our Turkey came out OK. I really don't remember... All I remember is all that bread... We still laugh about it today. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Your turkey story made me laugh because it is so similar to my own first turkey disaster. I didn't want to give anyone food poisoning so I tried thawing the turkey in the fridge. Unfortunately this takes a few days, not over night. Woops. I didn't realize my mistake though until part way through the meal when my husband and I went to refill the turkey plate. Cutting deeper into the bird we discovered the entire middle was still raw. The visiting family members had already eaten the outside meat we originally served, and we just didn't tell them about the rest. Instead we hurried and threw away the bird and encouraged everyone to eat more mashed potatoes. Luckily no one got sick.
    April from HomeHinges.com