Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Study of Pomegranates

I took some much needed R and R and went to see my sister last weekend.
It was, to say the least, amazing for my tired self. We saw a couple of movies, ate out, walked, looked at antiques, cooked, tried to solder and took pictures of the pomegranates that grow in her yard.

I have to explain that my sister's yard is a magical place. There is a garden bed to wander in, a rose garden to ponder, a pool to relax with. A pool house to sleep in and pretend you are far, far away...A gazebo to share candle lit dinners, lilacs to smell, and what's not to love about Wisteria? She and her partner do amazing work with everything. So, when the pomegranates are ready, my sister, Carol, goes out and picks bags and bags of them.

Then she proceeds to peel them and get out all the seeds. Yep. ALL the seeds.

Then she takes thousands of seeds and puts them through a hand ricer. She presses each batch three times through the ricer to get all the juice out and to not have any taste of the seed that is left over.

My talented sister takes the juice and performs magic with it in the form of sorbet.

Don't ask me how. Just ask me how it tastes.

Like heaven, really.
I think I was supposed to help seed some of the pomegranates. 
But I forgot. I had to take more pictures....


  1. Oh wow! What gorgeous photos. I've never seen pomegranates actually on a tree before. What a treat it would be to have one in your very own back yard!

  2. Beautiful photos, Lynn~ that sorbet sounds delicious! So glad you had a fun, relaxing time!

  3. you did my little wonders justice with such BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Oh how I love my pomegranates :-)Had I known, I would have taken one of the sorbets out for you to photograph. Beautiful too. I got the last bag of them seeded. Tomorrow I will juice in the potato ricer. And the next time you come...YUM!! We all loved having you here. You are loved, loved, loved, Sister Dear.

  4. I Love Pomagranates & sorbet...it sounds sooo yummmmy!!! Lucky girl...what a delightful & relaxing weekend you had. Give my love to Carol too!
    Big Hugs,

  5. Your photos look wonderful.. Sounds like you enjoyed your time with your sister..

    Hugs, Linda

  6. I loooove pomegranates! Here in Greece we give them to each other as good luck for the New Year.

  7. Hi Lynn - did you hear me gasp all the way from Virginia when I saw that bag full of fresh pomegranates?? HEAVEN!!!! You'll have to get your sister to share her pomegranate sorbet recipe. I'd love to make it.

    Does your sister have a juicer? I have a Jack Lalanne model - it extracts every bit of juice in seconds... leaves all the seeds behind. I love to use it when I juice raspberries. Just a thought.

    Have a great weekend!!


  8. Your photos are just wonderful! It sounds like you had a great time with your sister. Mine was in town from CO last week and we had a great time doing girl stuff.

    I think I'd love your pomegranate sorbet. (Don't know if I could afford to make it since the confounded things are so expensive in the store. I'm just a little jealous that she grows her own!)