Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

This year for Halloween, we tried something a little different. Well, Brenna did.
She entered a costume contest.
With a horse.

The stables where she takes lessons holds a contest each year. So, when her trainer asked if she would be interested in joining in the fun, I thought, "Sure. Why not? Easy enough."
Let's just say I didn't put a lot of thought into the costume.
Brenna doesn't do a lot of fuss when it comes to costumes. For instance, she has been a black cat for the last 16 years. Once we broke out all the stops and she wanted to be a mummy. One year we bought different ears and she was a bunny. Same whiskers and nose done on her face as the cat, though. Other than that? Black cat. To say I was surprised that she agreed to put on something other than cat ears was an understatement. I figured I wouldn't put a lot of effort into the costume, as mentioned before and because each year she has wiped off the whiskers from her face within 10 minutes of putting them on and I end up wearing the cat ears 20 minutes later.

I came up with "Miss Good Morning America" for two reasons. One, because being in her p.j.'s is Brenna's favorite things to do of all time. Two, I had the idea from when Lauren was little. Oh. And it cost me $5.00 for all the rollers and $3.00 for purple felt and that was it.

God love this horse.

She is as patient as the day is long.
Did you know a horse's hair will curl after having been in rollers?

Not too long after we arrived to get ready, I began to notice the other riders and their moms coming in.
Let me take this moment to tell you the definition of the word 
–verb (used with object), -dat·ed, -dat·ing.
to make timid; fill with fear.
to overawe or cow, as through the force of personality or bysuperior display of wealth, talent, etc.

 I am not usually a shallow person, but all the mommy insecurities came leaping out when I saw the display of costumes parading by.

No detail had been spared. Gorgeous dresses, wigs, make-up, props, etc. were unfolding before my eyes.



and cupcakes paraded before us.

Mermaids swam by,

and Dumbo paid a visit as well!

It ended up being a lot of fun.
Take a guess who won 3rd place for her age category and 3rd place in the "funniest costume" category.

The one who teaches me everyday to be myself. To stay true to who you are. The girl that has fun no matter who she is with, or what she is doing. The one that's just happy to belong.

Gotta love her!!


  1. Horray to Brenna for winning 3rd! Those curlers crack me up! I can safely say that I've never seen a horse in rollers before, too funny!

  2. what a RIOT!! I love the drape of B's robe on the back of the horse, the stars on her jammie bottoms and, oh dear God, the rollers in the mane and tail. First place in my book :-) What fun!! But I remember she was a Bee one time and Lauren was a sun flower, so she's not Always something in ears. And she looked way cute then, too. Halloween is a fun time.

  3. Looks like a fun time and I love the rollers on the horse, too!

  4. After Mr. Ed, I thought theat I would never see a horse being like a human....Yours was THE best! Such a great idea! In Greek we say "ke tou hronou", which means "again next year". May you have health and you have fun next year, too.

  5. Fun memeories for Brenna & the family!!! Yeah for Brenna for being soooooooooooo brave!!! Love Her!

  6. Great Job on an original costume!!
    What fun photos.

  7. Yes, you gotta love her! And you are a lovable one yourself. I think this post is great, and Brenna's costume was so funny. I am definitely passing it along to the girls for next year.

    I giggled at the costumes. Loved the cupcake... but I still vote for Miss Good Morning America.

    And that's my final word.

  8. What a fun experience, and a great costume. Congratulations to Brenna and her amazing horse.
    April @ HomeHinges.com

  9. What a cute costume idea. Tell Brenna we're so proud of her in blog land for her third place win. Loved the curlers on the horse. I guess those of us with horsehair understand that it does curl!!

  10. How fun.. It looks like a great time.. Love all the photos..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Yay, Brenna! She looks like a princess up there, with her robes draped regally behind her and her giant smile. She definitely deserved a prize..love the matching hair rollers, too! Very clever...:)

  12. heartwarming and just so much fun Lynn!

    you ARE clever gulls!!!