Friday, November 19, 2010

Loving The Mail

I know I have mentioned it before, but I'll do it again.
There is a LOT of kindness in the mail. 
It is truly the best.
My friend, Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces sent me an email after she saw the playing cards used as business cards on a previous post.  Linda said she had some old cards and would send me some.
Well. Just that alone was the sweetest.
Yesterday, there was a box waiting for me by my front door. 
It had Linda's name on it. Why would she need a box to send old playing cards?
When you send playing cards with OTHER fun stuff, you need a BOX!!!

I love this one-my dad used to have Springer Spaniels!

Aren't the cards the best? 
Then I found this:

Don't you love, love Bingo cards?
Brenna loved the little pieces of old rulers.

Gorgeous old lace, beautiful grey ribbon and an old key hole.

A sweet drawstring bag with creamy white buttons

french flash cards.
I was beyond happy!!!
Beyond blessed!
I was sputtering while opening the box-
Whaat? Oh...What? Why...oooooooohhh!!!

And then.

You should have heard her squeal when she opened this:

"Oh, mooom. It's so cute! And so tiny!  It's a little pin! Who sent this?"
(This is the best part.)

This is where I get to show Brenna Linda's picture from her blog and talk to B. about kindness and giving and getting to be extra thankful.

Thank you, my blog friend, for giving so much and teaching much, much more.


  1. A wonderful post and a wonderful friend you have!

  2. Oh, you are so lucky. What a fun bunch of treats!

  3. What a wonderful surprise! Linda is just so sweet, isn't she? She and I follow each other, and she always leaves the nicest messages. Love your treasures, and that is so nice that she included a surprise for Brenna, too!!!

  4. Human Kindness, It's Overflowing...
    What a wonderful person she is!! As are you :-) LOVE the cards and that pin is amazing. What a great opportunity and lesson for B and the rest of us. THANK YOU!!

  5. That is the nicest thing, and your treasures are very cool too! I love stuff like that. Are you going to craft with it or display it?

  6. Awww, Lynn! YOU are so sweet! I had the best time putting together these goodies and I got so much pleasure from you and Brenna's reactions~ thank YOU! You made my day!! XOXO

  7. ooo this is such a sweet and heart warming post all around!
    really makes me SMILE!

    fabulous treasures for you special gals!


  8. Oh Lynn! That is truly Inspiring and I love that you linked this up to the party this week! This blogging community really just blows me away sometimes and I feel so blessed to just be in the "presence" of such kindness.
    Blessings to you this weekend!

  9. Oh, this is lovely, Lynn! What a wonderful friend you have...that's an amazing collection of treasures...love the doggies. And of course the treat for Brenna, complete with horse, is just incredibly touching...I could easily imagine her excited squeal! Some days we are especially blessed, indeed...:)