Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneak Peak

My "friends" and I have been working a little here and there.

Can you believe it? They made it out of the "to do" basket.
They have been especially patient while I try different outfits on them.

They endure with great disdain as I laugh out loud at their silliness.

I must admit, I have enjoyed myself very much.

Even if they don't think it's too funny.

My "friends" and I all agree on one thing. 

If we can bring some joy and laughter to others, it's worth the costume changes and glue on the paws.


  1. OH MY GOSH... I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this...pure whimsy! Thanks for the smiles!!

  2. Lynn,
    I just love those. Very silly. Very happy. I adore dogs and think they are pretty silly anyway and you have captured it all, my friend! Such a good job!!!!!

  3. Hi Lynn,
    What a fun idea! This is just so darn cute! A person couldn't stay in a bad mood for long with a cute little dog decked out in a party hat!

  4. Sooo cute friend...I LOVE your little dressed up menagerie!! What fun to try the different hats on...did you make one for you too??? I hope so & I want to see a picture of that, K!!
    Love you & we must get together soon, it snowed here today, yikes!!!!

  5. Omg, how funny! The humiliation you are putting them through. They seem like good sports though. I'd like to see you in a matching hat too. We'll wait for that in an upcoming post :)

  6. Your party pups really put a smile on my face...those hats are precious!
    Love your attention to detail along with your sense of humor Lynn!

  7. Hmmmm....seems to be something in the water.....hats on those dogs....of course I am thinking that they DO look pretty handsome. For dogs ;) And a fun adventure? Absolutely VERY important!!! I smiled, and yes, "she" even smiled - it was a good day for a visit!! Although come to think of it, it's ALWAYS a good day to visit mew!



  8. What a fun wonderful post! I love the christmas hats on the dogs. Big smile on my face!

  9. They look so cute.. What a happy little post. I loved it.

    Hugs, Linda