Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beautiful Colors

Spring is in full force here.....the colors are amazing!
So are the pollen levels.

In between getting my eldest ready to move out for good (gaaaahhh) I need to dive into my own colors in the art room.

Do they really move out for good? I did, but my own child? Really?



  1. Love the blue. I remember when my son moved out. My life was never the same again. SOMETIMES I still miss that little piggy! :)

    My girl didn't move out until she got married and I'll NEVER get over that even tho I'm over the moon happy for her to this day!

    It's a momma thing. Watching your babies FLY is sometimes hard even though they MUST!


  2. Hi Lynn
    Hope you are feeling much better and I know its hard when they leave our nest. My oldest just came back home I was doing jumping jacks for weeks to have him back.

    Have a blessed Mother's Day


  3. They do move out. I guess that through God only, we can call it for "good". (Clever little turn of words... admit it.)

    I have purposed in my heart to pray very specifically for you to actually find joy in this time. God took me on a wonky way to get there this past year, and I am positive that it's because He knows exactly how to handle me.

    Will she be far away?
    Oh, I hope not! Moving out "for good" is so much better if it's a car ride away.

  4. wonderful photography lynn! I really love your bird painting!
    Aww, i dread the day my boy leaves:) Thinking of you! FranTxo

  5. Yes they do.. And it is tough. I miss my daughter living at home! And then when they move out of state it is even tougher. But she is coming for a visit Next week. YEA! Your bird looks lovely and so do your colorful flowers..

    Big Hugs my friend...

  6. That's big when they move out...but mine have always come back for periods of time...even now lol!

  7. HI Sweetie,
    No they really don't move out for good. That is just my experience. they think they are going for good and then you get them back for at least two boyfriend crises and maybe a financial one. Just trying to cheer you up...lol!