Friday, May 25, 2012

I like the first Gladiolas of the year.

I like that no matter what we do in the yard, or what the weather is, they come back every year.
I like that it's not 100 degrees today, and I like that I wake up to birdsong every morning.

I like that Phil Phillips won American Idol. I had him picked from the very beginning. 
I'm really liking that we decided to get tickets and go see the top ten on tour! We have never done something like that.

I'm liking this kid.
I like that on the way to choir, she changed her mind and went to see "Econ" day in the gym that the seniors put on.
I didn't like it so much when I heard about it yesterday.
But today...I like that she's a pioneer in our family. No one has ever gotten detention for ditching class around here.
I like that I had to tell her what "ditching class" meant.

I like that she is so comfortable at her school, she makes choices like that.
I'd like it if she went to class, but every once in a while, it's good to try something new.
It's a good lesson to learn.
Not sure why I keep being surprised by her, but I do.

I am really, really liking listening to Lady Antebellum today.
Especially this song:

Hope your Friday is sweet.


end of the week Iphoto:


  1. I like that kid's smile.
    It's your smile, and it's her sister's smile. I like that you three share it.

    I like that you delight in her small stuff even when it's not necessarily the best small stuff.

    I like that you called her a pioneer. It made me smile.

    I like this post, and I really like when you do your rambles and photographs.

  2. Ditching class, I love it! Beautiful glads you have too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Brenna has such a beautiful smile...it makes me happy...she has such spirit!

  4. I just love those photos of Brenna.. Hearing that she ditched class had me smiling.. Sorry!! I do hope you have a fabulous weekend..