Friday, May 4, 2012


What do you do with all the photos you have on your Iphone or any other phone for that matter?
Isn't there somewhere you can see how many you have on your phone?
I'm not sure I want to know.
Wasn't it simpler when we just used phones like this?

Oh, my gosh. And while I'm rambling about photos...
what about all the ones stored on your computer?
Have you printed any out?
Remember when we took photos and them printed those photos to put into an album?
Or a scrapbook?
I used to scrapbook. I did a scrapbook for my girl's birthdays. I got up to age four and then lost steam.
Silly me.
Now all their birthday photos are in a box. At least they are filed under "birthdays."
My mom had photos....drawers FULL of them. Not in boxes, or albums. But drawers.

Brenna and I took a walk yesterday.
That girl gripes and complains each and every time we have her take a walk.
O.K., make her take a walk.
I thought it would be fun to take pictures while we walked to make it more fun.
She took 2 pictures and said she was done.
Silly me.
I thought it was fun.

I'm slightly obsessed with food right now, since I can't have a whole lot of different foods, (thank you colitis flare-up) and have had to make massive changes in diet right now, I go back and forth from wanting an extra large burger from any fast food chain I can get to first to contemplating keeping this up for quite a while. Well, not the no coffee, but the wheat free-sugar free-processed food-free. I'm pretty much dairy free but I do miss cheese. And frozen yogurt. Ha. Let's be honest. The yogurt is a disguise for all the peanut butter cups I like on top of the yogurt.)
Not a lot I can do about it right now. 
Tuna and scrambled eggs are my friends.
 Eeew. Not together! 

I haven't seen the sun for three days. 
It makes my skin itch and I want to sleep the day away. Not good for me.
The sun decided to make an appearance today around 6:00 p.m. 
What is up with that?
I'll take what I can get!!!

I have to start making more art.
I have a stack of papers about 2 feet high on my kitchen table to go through.
Not sure why I wrote that, maybe just as a reminder to myself....

I have been remembering to lock my cabinet where the trash cans are, so Miss Party won't get into the trash.
Guess what she does instead?
I'll come home and the pantry cupboards are open as well as one of the other cabinets.
She thinks it's fun to drag out plastic cups and place them all over the house as well as drag out a bag of flour that is (thank heavens) in a zip lock bag.
Shes' a mess, that dog. Just a mess.
But I think I'll keep her as she is a great snuggler on the couch when I'm not feeling well.

As a final ramble, I'll post some random photos from my phone and then DELETE them from the phone. That way I will have ten less on my phone and I can feel like I've made a start in getting rid of the hundreds that are on my phone.......

I might have to make this a regular deal, since it took me an hour and a half to figure out how to make a collage, where to load it to find it and add it here and now I'll have to go back and delete about 3 years worth of photos that were transferred to picasa 3.9 and have taken up all my storage on my computer.
No problem.
Hey, have a wonderful Friday, my friends!!!


  1. I am so with you on the whole picture thing! Absolutely overwhelming! I miss those old days of sticking them in those albums with a sticky page and transparent overlay. Those I have are all yellowed now, the stick isn't sticky,and half the pictures have fallen to the bottom of the huge moving box I have them in. Someday I'll get them all organized......right???? I admire your ability to make that collage- I'm way too tech challenged for that!

  2. YAY, I love your ramblings posts!!!!
    Oh, I am still after rudy to get all our pics off our dinosaur computer before we lose them all. Yep before this digital age, I too was a scrapper and now it is over with.
    Never even finished my pre baby book for B with the sonogram pics.
    There was a great comedy routine by jim gaffigan about the phones and pics
    It is all sun and wind here woke up last night thinking we were having a tornado, had to check myself that I live in NV. LOL
    Have a great weekend Lynn!!
    Wishing you well and what is it about the fast food burgers that makes us crave them so bad???
    Jumbo Jack is my weakness :)

  3. I love making scrapbooks, though I haven't done as much this year. I have solemnly vowed to "declutter" my computer of all extraneous photos.

  4. Why do I have the song "Ramblin' Rose" stuck in my head right now?

    I love the idea of the random college posting, though. This way you actually have the photos. I might have to copy that...

    That is, if I had a clue how to take photos from my phone and put them on the computer.

    I don't.

    And what's up with the doll head in the picture?

    I can be random too. It's contagious.

  5. OMG Lynn...I have missed you! This post is hilarious! I am right there with you with food deprivation!! I have diverticulitis!! UGH!! Could there be STRESS associated with two weddings 7 weeks apart??? Ya think?? My colon doesn't seem to appreciate it!! Hubby cooked the best meal I've eaten in a couple of weeks today...marinated Mojo chicken, coconut/cilantro rice and fresh green beans {cooked to death so I can eat them} but delicious nonetheless!!

    I can resume regular diet soon...my family will be thrilled!!

    Hope you feel better soon. I had a bout with colitis when I was in my 20's. I think pork was the culprit, so I was no pork for years!!

    Hugs to you, sweetie!
    Love the collage!

  6. You are too funny. I just love reading when your ramble on and on. Hee hee.

    Have you tried Instagram.. Just another place to store photos from your phone.. I just started sending mine there this week. It's kinda cool.

    With all this technology (My blog, FB, pinterest, instagram.) I can be stuck on this computer all day..

    I really need to get a life. :)