Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday again.
Time to raaaaamblllllle.
Maybe just ramble.

Have you ever seen something in a store that called to you?
Something along the lines of, "Psssssst...TAKE ME HOME!!!"
Upon looking at the item, you just know. If you don't take it home, you will regret it. For days. Sometimes it can even turn into a legend.
I didn't want that to happen.

I know, right? She's sweet and petite and in perfect condition.

This weekend, it's happening.
My eldest is moving O.U.T.
She will only be 2 hours away, but my mind and heart are a jumble of emotions. Just a jumble.
I remember moving out. 
My mom was not so happy about me moving out. She preferred I live at home. Forever.
So, she kinda didn't speak to me the day I moved out.
It was a very strange day.
 Now the time has come for my child to move out, I feel like I don't have much to look back on and give her wisdom. Except for one word-GO.
Maybe two-Go baby, go and soar!!!
(o.k. 5)
But it will be good. And she is so. so. SO very excited.
I'm excited for her, really. No, really I am.
At the same time, I will hate not having her to pal around with during the summer.
 I do remember not wanting to pal around with my mom after a a certain age....
Ahh, my child.
Personally, I think she is fabulous.
 She's growing up, becoming independent, getting a full time job, living in a great place...oh, and she wants us to visit. How cool is that? I don't even care if she asks us to visit because all she really needs is a paid trip to the grocery store. I'll go visit.

I remember when she turned one, I was sobbing on the phone with my best friend, lamenting the fact that we brought this amazing, beautiful child into the world just to raise her to be independent and move away. Now here I am. Doing just what I dreaded.
Go me.

I'll tell you what helps...
Finding wallpaper next to the sweet, petite luggage.
A roll big enough to paper a 7x10 foot room for $10!!
Not that I'm going to paper my home in orange, brown and avocado green, but it will look killer on canvas with paint all over it.

Plus, it takes the sting off the inevitable move of my first born. 
A little.

Rambling on....
Do you dread the last two weeks of school?
It seems there are a thousand activities all crammed into the last ten days before we have our kids home for the summer. 
Well. At least I'll have ONE of my children home this summer.
She likes the beach and the pool, so we're good.

But before that, we have chapels, and we are starting a Best Buddies chapter at the High School, a choir concert to attend, a new superintendent to meet, throw in a bridal shower and a class outing, a game day a big move, (I think I may have mentioned my eldest is moving...) and then we can say the end to sophomore year.

I brushed Miss Party yesterday and ended up with enough fur to stuff a small pillow.
She detests brushing. I would think she would like it and feel better, but noooooo.
She shivers and shakes and avoids me like the plague.

I haven't deleted any photos from my phone yet.
Or my computer.
I keep threatening to do it while I'm watching American Idol, but I wrote this post instead.

Now that I'm looking at these wall paper photos, I think they are too blurry. I thought maybe my glasses were dirty, but I'm pretty sure they are blurry. If I make them smaller, maybe you won't be able to tell. Blurry pictures are a big no-no in blog land. 

I think I'm finished rambling.
I'm going to go stare at my eldest for the next 48 hours and memorize her face instead of retaking photos of my wall paper.
Please forgive me.


  1. oh girl you are a strong mom... 2 hours is not too far and that grocery shopping trip will be very welcomed I'm sure! I was a puddle each time my kids have moved out and still I look around and see that I have 2 still here with me and think "how did this happen, how did my family shrink to 4 of us home each night" It took me months to get my act together but I did it. I think your plan to stare at your daughter for the next 48 hours is perfect... like that wallpaper for your art work. Both of you daughters have your beautiful smile, lucky them, lucky you.
    Enjoy your weekend take it all in and make wonderful memories! t.xoxo

  2. I can totally relate to how you feel. I was devastated when my daughter moved out.. But she moved right down the street from me.. Then she moved to Oregon.. devastated again. But shes has never been happier.. And I am happy for her.. Just like you are happy for your daughter! Love that wallpaper. It is going to look great on your canvases..


  3. It IS an adjustment when a child moves out...but I know you will get together often! My daughter lives over an hour away from me, but we still talk all the time and get together weekly. Time just goes by SO QUICKLY, doesn't it? Love the photos...XO

  4. I love your photos , they are just wonderful!!

  5. I don't even want to think about kiddos moving out yet! She will always need her mom though, at least that's my experience of being a daughter :-)