Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Ramblings.

I think last Friday I mentioned I would maybe Ramble each Friday and put up a collage of my Iphone photos and then delete them off my camera so I only have 962 photos instead of 973.
Was that only last week?
Somebody slipped a fast one on me.
I did get laundry done, so not quite a fast one. Just a medium fast one.
Did you know Anne Lamott has a new book out?
Some Assembly Required.
The best. 

It's been pretty quiet in the art room lately.
It's a little bare in there and I'm not liking it so much.

I learned this week that not drinking enough fluids and being in the sun for a long time is not good for Colitis. 
Don't even ask.
I also learned that when you AND your eldest child are tired, you cannot find things that are right in front of you.
Like a big Anthropologie store in Palm Springs. Although, if you turn this experience into a scavenger hunt, it makes it a lot more fun. Especially when you finally find the store,
that was across the street from your car, but it took about 35 minutes to find it. 
Really, quite fun.

Someone please enlighten me to why it is, when you have been asleep for precisely 1 hour and 20 minutes, your child can wake you up from a dead sleep with a single word.
Why, with that single word, you can fling yourself out of bed as you follow your child down the hallway and, as she points to the bathroom and says, "I threw up" and keeps walking to her room to go back to bed you can find yourself with a bottle of lysol cleaning the bathroom like nobody's business.

Why, when you have been asleep for 1 hour and 20 minutes and your husband, God love him, has been reading on the couch downstairs, does your child choose to wake YOU up instead of following the light to the person who is all ready awake?
And why, when your blessed husband, who wanders upstairs to say, "What's going on?" do you want to throw the bottle of Lysol at him? But instead say, "She threw up and I'm cleaning it up" like it's no big deal and it's really 2:00 on a sunny, spring like afternoon???
Why do you even question WHY your child threw up after eating dinner so late, too much salsa, and a trip on a winding mountain road home?
No answers?
I didn't think so.

I love naps. 
Don't you?
I also love coffee and I am dying for coffee as of yesterday, so I think I'm on the upswing of feeling better. I mean I really, really REALLY.
Want coffee.

I'm sick of bathrooms right now, so I'll wait.
Happy Friday!!!!


  1. oh where do I start??
    Happy Mothers Day LOL
    this is why we should be given crowns. That way we could at least look like a queen when cleaning the throw up ;)

    I think the brain thing is in the air.
    Forgetfulness and complete exhaustion go with thick air not moving here.

    Love the collages, Richards not Richardson, lol

    I wish I could pull up with two coffees for us and life would be simply bliss while sipping them.

    Take care

  2. OK, the picture of Brenna with her mouth open AFTER you told us the throw up story is just wrong, Lynn... just wrong.

    And I laughed right out loud at the Anthropologie story because that is exactly the kind of thing I do.

    This is a fun, really fun, Friday post to look forward to. Please keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the smile this morning. Love to read your rants. And I also love to look at your photos. Good to hear your feeling a little better.

    BTW-I LOVE Anthropologie's but then who doesn't...


  4. Oh my...
    Peace be with you, dear!
    I hope Saturday has been a better day.

  5. Oh, Lynn,
    Sympathize with you with the bathroom life. I spend a lot of time there, too. I should bring a library in! Guess what...I am reading Anne Lamott. Is this not a totally wonderful book. I just love her. Hope things are better, Brenna is weller and you are able to have some coffee very soon!

  6. I love your ramblings, Lynn! I've cleaned up a few messes myself this week...hope everyone is feeling better soon, and you get that coffee! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Oh Lynn, I am so sorry to hear this, I am hoping your mother's day was terrific because you DESERVE it after that story:))
    Be well FranT XOXO

  8. Hi Lynn,
    Hope you continue to feel better. No brilliant answers to your questions, but do feel you deserve the "I'm a saint" award for that one. I haven't read Anne's new book. Bird by Bird is one of my all time favs, though.
    Hope your week is wonderful and devoid of vomit :)
    Take care,
    xo~ Anna

  9. Oh yes, I remember those days. I can still hear exactly how my daughter sounded when she would say "Mom" like that too...
    I hope you get your coffee soon Lynn. I think you more than deserve it!