Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Small Bit Of Flagrant Self Promotion

I have a few fun photos for today.
I took them in a sweet little store in our downtown Redlands.
The store is called Fleur De Lis, and is owned and operated by Monika.
Who is, by the way, bubbly, engaging, and just a lot of fun.

Plus, most days she has her dogs, Fiona and Spanky in the store with her. What's not to love?

The other reason I really like Monika?
She put my artwork in her store.

I would love this store and it's owner even if she hadn't put my artwork in her store,
because who can resist a store with these in the entryway?

I will admit, it's pretty fun to see my work in the store.

It's a lot fun.

Stop by if you get a chance, pet the dogs, look around and meet Monika, or her sweet Mother-In-Law, Chris. She's a lot of fun as well!
Tell me what you think of the art work as well...


  1. LYNN!!!!!!
    So excited for you.
    Your art matches her shop perfectly!
    what a great venue for you.

    It looks amazing displayed.

    You better get started on more...I have a feeling these will fly outta there.


  2. Lynn,
    Congratulations. Your art is as charming as the store . . . and that is a lot of charm! Thank you for sharing. I did not realize that you have a blog and I signed up to follow you.
    Blessings and Best Wishes,

  3. Lynn
    That is so amazing I am truly over the top happy for you. Its beautiful and I love the display.
    Wishing you the best always


  4. Yay!!! That is so exciting Lynn! Oh, I just could not be more happy for you. :-) Congratulations my friend!

  5. Lynn,

    So glad for you having your work there--it looks so charming grouped together! Yay for you!


  6. Lynn, your art is so wonderful! It looks so fabulous displayed in the shop...I would be thrilled!

  7. Oh Yay!! This is so GREAT to see:))) Congrats, and what a lovely display. I can certainly see why you like this shop:))
    All the best, Fran T xo

  8. Oh, the paper lanterns are scrumptious...and so's your artwork! How come I've never heard of this shop?? Next time I'm out that way, I've GOT to go see it! Congrats on getting your artwork in there!!!

  9. Love love love love love!! Congratulations.. it's so awesome to see your work in a store. :) xoxo

  10. How cool is that. So happy for you my friend. Well deserved. Your Art is Awesome.. :)


  11. WOOOOHOOOO! That is awesome Lynn, Congratulations! The shop is wonderful and you art work is as fabulous as always... I just love it!
    I just read your last post, the rambling is a great idea. We all need to do that to get all of that clutter out of our brains!
    I hope everyone is feeling better now and that you have been able to have your coffee :) I tried to stop drinking it once and let me tell you it was not pretty around here!
    Congratulations again! I hope you can get back into your art room again soon, because the pieces that you have in her shop will be flying out the door and then you will have to replenish your stock!
    Feel better! t.xoxoxoox