Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sketchbook Tour 2012

Daughter number one is safely deposited to her new digs.
Mom is still standing.
Sister is all ready asking when eldest is coming home.
Mom might falter a bit.

This weekend the Sketchbook Project tour comes to my neighborhood.
We are planning a little day trip to the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art and then over to a place called Iam8bit on Sunset Avenue to view the books.
Here is the Facebook link to view more information.

I am SO excited to see the tour.
I need some inspiration in a big way.
I received my rather empty, rather full of stark white pages new Sketchbook.

Needless to say, it's a little daunting to begin a new book after completing my last one.
I'll have to decide on more of a theme for this one. "Sketchbook" is what I signed up for, thinking I would stretch myself with drawing more. 
Should be interesting. Maybe I'll get a new pen for the project. Nothing better than a brand new Micro pen....
or two, since they come in different colors.

I could go to the Dick Blick Art Store. 
 I LOOOVE that store. Plus, the only one I know of is where my eldest is.
I'll have to go tomorrow, as I have to get started on this new project.
Yeah, that's it....

Oh, all right...I don't think she is expecting a visit this soon from me, either.
 Looks like I will have to put on some good tunes, grab a bunch of paint and paper and dive in!


  1. Dear Lynn
    I hope your days of drawing and sketching are filled with joy! Love your work!! Have a terrific weekend and hope that you truly are feeling well!


  2. I hope you have a wonderful, creative time, Lynn! We have a Dick Blick here, too...but it might be a little far for you! XO

  3. Lynn, it has been a while.As I write I am hoping that blogger actually lets me comment:). Glad to see you are doing the project once again. I have to sign up soon...rather than leave it till the last minute! Enjoy the tour. Get inspired! Julie x

  4. Wow LYNN, great post and that last photo is AMAZING. 1. the quote is awesome and 2. your interpretation is fabulous. Really inspiring!
    Happy Friday to you, FranT XO