Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I have good news for you on this Friday Rambling.
I have an easy way to give yourself a black eye.
Really easy.
First, go to the local mini-golf course with your child's class and spend five hours in the heat playing laser tag, mini-golf, walking an inner tube up the water slide for your child, and then play more laser tag because it's so darn much fun.
Second, go home and page your husband and promptly collapse on the bed under the fan.
Third, when the phone rings, grab it as fast as you can because in 30 seconds you will have begun to fall asleep.
Fourth-this is important. Drop your phone directly on your cheekbone. 
Then next morning you will have all KINDS of attention.
From your husband, who is peering at your face first thing in the morning while you are making a turkey sandwich for your child and says, "What happened to your face? Is that a bruise on your face?" Or from your best friend, "you look like a bad-ass!"
Then again, your child's teacher, "I was wondering what happened!"
The added delight is that your dark circles will be enhanced. Yes, you too can have dark circles on ONE side of your face that extend almost a full inch. For FREE. 
Plus, you can look totally cool when you put on your leather jacket. Except if I were to do that right now and look even more "bad", I would be sweating and then what ever make-up I have on to cover the bruise would come off and then I would be left with a looooong, dark circle under my eye.
But, who knows? You could be the first on your block to have the easiest make over ever.

On to bigger and better ramblings.....

Meet the eagle:

Now, THIS guy is BAD.
He is huge. Gargantuan.

Every day, Brenna and I eye this eagle on the way to school. One day I pointed out to Brenna how eNORmous those claws were.

Absolutely HUGE.
We were in Awe.

Then, me, being the bad girl that I apparently have become said, "Brenna. One day, we have to touch the claws on that eagle." To which Brenna replies, "O.K., sure!" 
That's my girl.

And so we did.
One day after school, I said, "Brenna," I said, "girl, it's time. It's time to touch the claws on the eagle." Only Brenna didn't think so. It was hot and she wanted to go home and get a snack. But I persisted. "Brenna. REALLY???? This is our chance. Let's do it. Let's get out and GO TOUCH THE CLAWS"!!!
She agreed, cause she's bad that way.

But, she is very, very brave. 
It so happened she had her school shirt on. PERFECTION!!! Eagle meets eagle.
And claws were conquered.

Which we felt pretty darn good about!!!
Plus, she had a great story to tell at school the next day.

Happy Friday!

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  1. You are such a great mom!

    Sorry about the black eye, but it gave you a great story to tell, and I love the way you told it. Your best friend literally made me laugh out loud.

    You need a button that says, "I'd rather fight than switch". Wasn't that a commercial back in the day?

    Now, get your bad self up and face the day. There is no telling what you will get your claws into next.

    Admit it. That was good.

  2. That's it.. I am dropping my phone on my face.. I want to be as bad A** as you.. Hee hee. Love the photo of you guys TOUCHING the CLAW.. To funny..

    HOpe you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. You guys are awesome...love that you know how to live on the edge!! You seem like a super cool fun mom. Have a great weekend.

  4. Lynn- I found your blog through some skipping around - a bit of blog surfing--- it is pure delight.

    As a neonatal nurse for 30 plus years I can tell you that we all LOVE those precious babies who have an extra chromosome-- they are a gift from God- and we fight over who gets to carry them around and love on them!

    Breanna is Precious-- I love these photos and her spunky attitude! Your blog is amazing and I've loved spending time here. I'm your newest very excited follower.

    Give Breanna a hug from me--