Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Tour Hits L.A.

We went as a family to see the Sketch Book Tour.
It was held at the most obscure little gallery on Sunset Blvd. in downtown L.A., called Iam8bit.
(No, that's not a spelling error.)

(Please excuse the quality of the photos. In the midst of packing for the day, I promptly left the house without my good camera and had to rely on my iphone!)

I was overwhelmed and excited, and weepy. Maybe even all at once.
I was a slight nutcase about getting my "Library Card" to check out books to look at and checking out my very own book.

There it was.
A part of something big.
By the time the tour is completed, my little book will have traveled the United States.
I was hesitant to give it back.

This is where the weepy part comes in.

This silly little book is such a part of me.
I hope that when people look at it-and it's a random choice if they do- that they will be filled with hope and rejoice over beauty in life.

I looked at other books as fast as I could before the exhibition closed.
They were stunning.

They told stories, shared hopes and showed great abilities at being ultra creative.

Brenna had fun at the coloring table.
If you color a postcard, you get to pick out which state it goes to and then you get to pick out a postcard that someone else did and designated for L.A.

It was an amazing experience looking at art from all over with people you don't know.

Many thanks to all the people that travel with the tour and load up books and work computers and keep our beautiful extensions of ourselves in perfect condition.

If, by chance, the tour stops in your area, (check here.)
You won't regret it.

It's a cool thing to do.

It's also free.

Even better,
Order your book HERE, and join in the fun for next year!

pssst...Carol, it's in Oakland from June 1-17!
and, Debbie, it's in Georgia Aug. 29-Sept. 1. I made a postcard and stamped it for Georgia. Hope you get it!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful exhibit and projects you shared Lynn:)
    Sorry I missed it while is was close by...

    Thank you for sharing your day,
    Kay Ellen

  2. Congrats on getting to experience your book as part of it all... I would have been weepy and excited and all that good stuff too...thanks for sharing it with us...xx

  3. What a cool experience to be part of something like that. I only wish it came to my town!!!

  4. I was just getting ready to click the link and find out when it was coming here when I saw your last part. Still clicking to find the places. Yours looks just plain out wonderful.

    Oh how I want to see this!

    I'll look for your post card.

    (still trying to figure out the name of the place. I'm daft. I keep sounding it out like a word verification on a blog comment. )

  5. It's in Atlanta. That's what I thought. I can roadtrip with the husband on business that week and see it. It will be the perfect time for a getaway, too, since the nest will be newly empty.

    I'm writing it down!

  6. Lynn
    This is so lovely that you are sharing this with us! This really touched my heart as I needed to be reminded of little beauties in life when the waves are tossing me!
    So happy that you had such a great time!
    Thank you friend


  7. How fun and exciting.. Your book looks great. I love seeing your Art work. I sure wish it were coming to Vegas. No such luck!