Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Hint of Spring

Ahhhh, my favorite season at Trader Joe's!!!

For those of you that don't know Trader Joe's, it is a favorite small market here in California. It is full of healthy foods, organic foods, and FLOWERS!!! Every year at this time, the daffodils arrive for $1.29 a bunch. I love it!!

Those cute bundles of unopened daffodils bring a big smile to my face each year and I buy them through March. They are my most favorite of flowers, as it is the flower for March and yes, my birthday is in March. I won't tell you when, 'cause I am thinking of joining the "give-away" gang and giving something away for my birthday. If I can pull it together. NO PROMISES!!!!!!!!!

Until then, I will just keep my sweet daffodils in the house!

The other Hint of Spring is the sight of my Calla lilies  coming up!!!

I wish I had these all over, but there are just a couple of shady spots where the plants don't get torched by the sun out here.

I only get a few blooms, but they are my all time favorite to photograph while opening...it's sad that they are so short lived!!

I'm hoping you are seeing hints of spring wherever you may be!!


  1. Oh Lynn,
    Your photographs are LOVELY!!! Your camera takes such amazing micro photos...awesome friend!! Oh & I alos LOVE TraderJoes...if only it wasn't such a long drive.
    Thanks for the beauty of spring...

  2. No hints of spring here...so I am glad to see your lovely photos! I haven't been to the Trader Joe's here, but have heard so many good things I think I'm going to have to visit!

  3. The first thing I do when I enter Traders is look at the flowers! :)

  4. Well, yes, actually.

    We did have a little hint of spring today.

    It was around 50 degrees here!!!


    But that will be short-lived as we usually get tons of snow in March and April....

    Nice while it lasted though!

    So I will be depending on you, Lynn, to keep me supplied with photos of beautiful blooming things for a little while longer..........

  5. I wish there was a Trader Joe's here in Greece. When I was in Chicago my cousin took me shopping and when I walked in there I had to think very seriously of my return trip and the overweight! I just loved it! By the way...my birthday is in April (Aries). Your pics are beautiful (it makes me think that I have to get a new camera asap).

  6. So pretty! We have a Trader Joe's, just one, and we are so lucky to have them here! I love that you can get really awesome wine for not a lot of money too.

  7. Hi Lynn
    Love Trader Joes...they also have wonderful French tulips this time of year that I love! Your photographs are lovely.

  8. Guess who FINALLY showed up on my blog comments...your Sistah!!! I wanted to write a comment back to her, butcould cuz she's not listed publicly. Oh well, let her know I'm thrilled she finally chatted & that I'm looking forward to her June trip & I want to see some of her boxes!!!
    Great fun to have her chat...
    Smiles Friend,

  9. See...yet another reason why we are here *fingers to eyes*...lol...I'm a March baby myself. Hmmm, I might just have to do a give away too! :D

    And yes, love the daffodils and flowers! So pretty. I have not seen signs of Spring yet (we've been colder than usual) and I miss it. Don't you know that those are happy little bees? :D

    yapping cat