Friday, February 26, 2010

More Hints

Today I am battling Brenna's cold. I can't seem to fully get the cold, but just seem to feel generally crummy. The dogs sure aren't happy with me. WHY am I just sitting here?? WHY are we not doing something fun???

 Alas, I had no coffee in the house, so I threw on my oldest, comfiest sweats, added black slippers to my white socks, put on my dark glasses and went through the Starbucks drive-thru. I was truly a vision of loveliness.  Who knew in the drive-thru how beautiful I was??? Didn't even take the DOGS for a ride. Then I saw this:

I drove back home, grabbed my camera and took my lovely self back out to snap some pictures. (Minus dogs AGAIN. They are really peeved with me now.)  I would not recommend tromping around in slippers to get pictures, but hey, sometimes you just can't help yourself. Or your brain just isn't working right.

This is the front of an old farm property by my house. We can never figure out who lives there or what they do, but right now, the property is for sale. I haven't seen it bloom or grow anything green on it for a while. Pretty, isn't it? O.K., I realize it's just weeds, but it is a gorgeous bloom all over! And no, I am not running a fever.

The bees were very busy. Do you think they know we are supposed to get an inch of rain tomorrow?

Well, it was worth it, black slippers and all. I'm sure Lauren would give me some kind of an award for best dressed mom. I'm pretty sure. 
Think I'll go get some more Tylenol.


  1. I miss the bees. Thanks for sharing! I need a dose of yellow-happy because it's more snow for us this weekend, but not as much as they're getting on the East coast.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG...do you know what you've found???? A gold mine! An absolute field of 'SOUR GRASS'!!!
    When I was a little girl growing up in Long Beach, I would hunt this stuff out like it was GOLD! When I was lucky enough to find a handful, I would rip it up by the roots, bunch it as tightly as I could, put it in my mouth & bite down. The sour juice was delightful, I truly adored it.Sour grass was one of my FAVORITE things in the world & I haven't even thought about it for years. Yummy friend, thanks for the feel good memories!
    Big Smiles,
    {I think Brenna has to try some if she likes sour stuff...only now I'm smart enough to know it should be rinsed since probably a dozen dogs peed on the sour grass I ate. LOL I'm surprised I don't have rabies}

  3. Hi Lynn- hope you are feeling better soon! Your photos are so pretty! P.S. I have gone through Starbucks in disguise and taken pics in my slippers and sweats, too- LOL!

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, especially when your not feeling well. You can stop by in your slippers anytime. Your photos are fabulous and just the dose of spring that I needed. P.S. I love your banner!

  5. So you weren't in your finest form - hey you are not feeling well! And besides anyone who captures a picture of something blooming AND bees?!? Wear a burlap sack if you need to, but do share those pictures - thank you so much for the "sunshine". I hope that it and the fresh air helped you feel better...

  6. Hello Best Dressed Mom!

    You should see what I am wearing right now...lol...

    Hey! That old farm house looks right up my alley---do you think I could move in? Would anybody notice if I brought a few sheep?

    I LOVE to take bee photos too! Thanks for giving me another dose of anything not snow!!!

    I hope you aren't real sick---I sent you another long email and a note asking if you got it---no reply yet. I think our email accounts are having a tiff..........

    Anyway, hope you are feeling better and continue on flaunting your fashion style to the world!!!

  7. Oh---I forgot---

    Your doggie photos are just wonderful!!!

    They are for sure giving you the "what about me???" look.

    Or the evil eye, I'm not sure which......

  8. Poor doggies! LOL. Happy bees! :D

    yapping cat