Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Had An Adventure Today!

Want to know how to get inspired?? Visit Miss Susie (of vintagesusieandwings blog fame) at her cute-as-pie store, Lambs and Ivy. It is in Crestline, Calif. I went today to drop off some bottles to sell in her store. It is always, ALWAYS a shot in the arm to see Susie. Did I mention fun as well?

Did I mention how brave I was to drive up today? In the rain? In the FOG?? And that is was SOOO worth it?

Would you like a guided tour?? I knew you would!!
Here we go!

Susie has a fantabulous knack for gathering things and putting them in the sweetest settings.
Her shop items include one-of-a-kind baby items, vintage wares and handmade fun by Susie herself.

Love these:

And these:

Couldn't you see them snuggled in a nursery?

Can you stand it?? Look at these sweet ducky soaps

All of her baby items are the softest soft and the sweetest colors.

Now the vintage wares:

This is one of Susie's favorite corners-

I love this chandelier-it needs to come and live in my kitchen!

This DID end up coming home with me!

Here are some of my favorite vingettes in the store-

I'm telling you, everywhere you look, there is sweetness and love!!

This is Susie's personal spot, behind the register. Brenna loves it back there!

Sigh....I think that about wraps it up. I'm going back next Saturday, if any of you care to join me!! 
Thanks to my sweet friend, Susie for providing the best eye candy for my blog and for turning my blah day to one filled with fun and inspiration. 


  1. Oh Lynn!!!! I wish I would have been with you!!! So many wonderful treaures....so much good stuff to see ~ I know you had a great time!!!! Wishing you a restful Sunday ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Hi Lynn- thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments! I've enjoyed visiting yours, too! It's fun seeing shops across the country from me and all the goodies- thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more!

  3. OMG...I Love, Love, Love this post!!! You made my shop look sooooo cute & your photographs turned out so beautifully! What alot of fun we had when you came by, I was thinking after you left that you must be my muse & bring me luck cuz good things happen when your at the shop...it always gets busy, I LOVE THAT! Thanks so much Lynn, for coming to visit the shop, for sharing your wonderful art with me & for writing such a sweet post about Lambs & Ivy. So glad Lauren made it home for her birthday, after looking at your pictures I though we should have given her the birthday girl crown, what were we thinkin...lol! Can't wait until next week, Thursday is a BIG day for us.
    BIG SMILES for you & the girls,

  4. Wow!

    That is quite the place!!!

    LOVE your new bird house...just the perfect old chippy wood in the perfect colors! :-)

    Perhaps the chandelier can come home with you next time?!?

    Also really like those jewelry cards...

    Hope your bottles sell like hot cakes!

  5. What a wonderfully sweet shop, looks like one that I could spend hours in. Thanks for taking us on the tour and kudos to you for driving up there in the rain and fog. :D I hate that too!

    yapping cat

  6. Hi Friend,
    Stop by my blog, I finally got our day posted!!! Yeah, what fun we had...Thursday can't come soon enough for me, how about you??
    Smiles & hugs... ;)
    Miss Susie