Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Invite An Author To Dinner

Okay, so I'm making dinner tonight and I think to myself, "among the authors that you have read, which ones would you invite over for dinner?" I have to confess, I have thought of this more than once.

I know. Totally random post. Nothing artsy, (well, don't you think the dinner conversation would be artsy and fabulous??) nothing about Brenna or a give away. Just a thought.

So. Who would you invite? Here's my list, in no apparent order:

Anne Lamott (Plan B-Thoughts on Faith)

Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

Alice Hoffman (Blue Diary)

C.S. Lewis (Screwtape Letters)

Augustine Burroughs (Running With Scissors)

Rebecca Wells (The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood)

Lorna Landvik (Angry Houseswives Eating Bon Bons)

Brennan Manning (The Ragamuffin Gospel)

Oh, man. I'm getting excited just THINKING about it.  What would I make? Mmmmm....maybe a great pasta dish? Nah, gets cold too fast. (For sure something that doesn't need a slotted spoon.) Mexican? Nope, I'm thinking pasta. Maybe a great veggie lasagna with a big salad and bread. Hmmm. No, too boring. Something warm, comforting, lots of color....I'll have to look at cookbooks. The menu is almost as important as the guest list. And definitely coffee and dessert. That's where the fun would get started.

Would they all get along? Would it be like putting together a regular dinner party, where you make sure someone knows at least one other person, or would they all connect because they share a fabulous art? Kinda like when we get together and do a swap. We all connect and have fun because of our shared love of whatever we are making.

Whew. That was fun. You just HAVE to comment on this one!!! Tell me who you would invite and what would you serve???


  1. Wow.

    What a brain teaser!

    I would invite:

    Elizabeth Berg (The Year of Pleasures)

    Anne Tyler (A Patchwork Planet)

    Peter Mayle (A Year In Provence)

    Lolly Winston (Good Grief)

    Judith Ryan Hendricks (Bread Alone)

    Donna Ball (A Year On Ladybug Farm)

    Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way)

    And Lorna Landvik if she wasn't busy at your house....

    I'm sure I've forgotten someone, but that is a good start.

    What would I serve??

    For sure nothing that requires that slotted spoon!!!

    Probably pepperoni and green olive pizza and beer.

    Coffee ice cream for dessert.

    And, yes, of course we would all get along!


  2. Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code, etc.), I would cook roast with lots of veggies, and the dessert would definitely be something with chocolate and I'll serve a lot of red wine.

  3. What a fun post Lynn, now let me think for a minute!
    Since I'm so intimidated by cooking & the thought of having an actual dinner party could send me screaming from the room, I think I'll have a couple of small lucheons instead. And since most of my favorite authors are dead, let's say that their schedules are open & they can come, right.
    So I'd have Karen Blixen{Out of Africa}, Beryl Markham{West With the Night}, Anne Morrow Lindbergh{Gift From the Sea} & Amelia Earhart{20 hrs 14 min} over for cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream & we'd drink white wine & apple martinis & most definately these 4 ladies would get along!!!
    I'd also love to have tea & scones with Jane Austin{who wouldn't} & Beatrix Potter. What a fun & wonderful dream!!!
    Thanks for the thoughts friend...

  4. Whoops!

    I forgot one very important guest....

    Rosamunde Pilcher (The Shell Seekers)

    Well duh.....

    Do you think Rosamunde will like beer???

  5. It's me again!! Thank you for posting your comments, I feel that I'm not talking to myself! You're very encouraging (kiss). As for being able to post, you're right, I don't know why it's not printed after every post. You have to move your mouse and find the "comments" label. I'm new with all this and I don't know how to solve it yet. I'll ask my son to help me! It's good hearing from you, thank you again!

  6. Hello
    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello!
    Interesting post I enjoyed it.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. Grrr...trying one more way. I can't get your blog to post my entries!

  8. OK, Lynn,
    Got it. I haven't been able to post for the last two entries. I wrote a long entry this morning and lost it...waaaah.

    Your list is much like mine with Anne LaMott right at the top! She is my bestest! I also loved Running with Scissors but not his most recent book. Lorna Landvik is a "local" and is as funny on stage as she is on paper. I have seen her twice and would see her in a minute.

    The only one I haven't read and loved it The Ragamuffin Gospel...guess I better check it out...heading to my other favorite place, Amazon!


  9. Tell Brenna I say hi Back!!!
    It is foggy & cold & yucky up here today, I worked on moving things around in the shop this morning & now I'm going to watch a movie, it's just a movie kinda day.
    What a fun idea to read all the books that your friends love.
    Well let's hope for some sunshine cuz I'm REALLY ready for the SPRING!