Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They're Baaaaack!

Oh yes. Those dominoes. Gotta love 'em. They fascinate me. Each time I put a stamp on one or decoupage one, there is a little story attached.

I was able to spend the afternoon with my partner in Domino Crime, Wendy. We came up with some fun ideas for our crazy dominoes, as we are going to -yes- do another show. This one is a "juried" show in San Juan Capistrano in the month of March. We are in the process of finalizing the application and then will wait to hear if we are "in".

Until then, we will be in a pattern of creative frenzy, lots of questions and ideas and realizing again just how much stink'in FUN we have together.  Here are some of the beginning stages-

I love this domino with the word "peace" and the clock. It seems I am looking for this daily. Especially the last couple of weeks. It has been crazy busy with doctor appointments for both Brenna and I. Tomorrow we (almost) top it off with an Endoscopy for Miss Brenna. She has
 pretty severe reflux and is in need of relief.

I found some beautiful Graphic 45 paper at my friend, Debbie's store today. I also looked up in a Google search "hot new colors for bed and bath." It sent me to Pottery Barn and their colors for 2010 are pretty muted greens, blues, peaches, pinks and lots of white.

I will combine it with this cute glass jar and a domino. Don't worry- I'll show you when I am done! (It helps to keep me accountable to GETTING it done!)

I think I'll add some images from this "newspaper." Has anyone seen this yet?

She has a tutorial in it and some cool ephemera.



AND I found her cute blog.

Off to put my art room into working order. Have a great day!


  1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for the sweet compliment about my new newspaper. Your blog is adorable... very artsy!
    Hugs ~D~

  2. I wish I could come over and play dominoes with you two!!!

    I like the clock/peace one also---I just always seem to have a thing for clock and watch faces........

    But I am always late.............

  3. where'd you get the dominoes with the brass thing in the middle?? i love those and haven't ever run across them...
    thanks for the inspiration...i haven't touched a domino since before xmas :-))) love you, sister dear...

  4. So pretty! Good luck getting in the show!

  5. Great dominos friend!!! I hope all goes well for our Miss Brenna & that she's feeling better very quickly! Saturday is perfect for coming to the shop, I'm on my way there now & will pick up the paper before I go in...what will be in it??? Smiles...Susie

  6. Hi Lyn! I love those dominoes with the fab printing on them! I've never seen any like that.
    Good luck with your show and have a great weekend playing!!

    My Desert Cottage

  7. Hi Lynn, Glad you are having fun with the dominos, I think I recognize them.

  8. I was very disappointed today...I ran & got the newspaper & Cat didn's add any of the photos she took at the shop. She had a little blurb, but very generic & I was so disappointed I didn't even keep the paper. Sad smile...

  9. Its the prep for that thing (as I think you and I have discussed) that is the worse. I'm glad Bre's went well. I hate to hear about the reflux, not fun. Love the dominoe's...Tee had been doing some with alchohol inks...looked like fun. Hope you get into the show....