Monday, February 22, 2010

The Latest As Promised

I have done laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, done some more laundry. Made a phone call. Got Brenna her lunch. (She is home today with a crummy cold.) Cleaned up lunch. Yelled at the dogs for barking at the fence. Made myself a latte.

Guess I can't do much more. Guess I have to show you my latest collage. I like it. But it is so very nerve wracking to put it out on the world-wide web for all to see. Sigh. Well, here goes. Tell me what you think. Really.

I thought I would hang it up on the wall to see how it looked. Not the right wall color.
So I put it on the mantel, in the family room.

Better? A little faded, maybe. The lighting isn't quite right in here.
Let's do close ups.

The excerpt was from a great book that my friend, Wendy gave me. I couldn't believe what I found-a little paragraph on a mother's meanderings of her beloved child; her "summer child." So cool.

The quote is my all time favorite. I would sit by the sea forever, if I could.

I added a tag from a pair of pants I bought. Then some watch pieces I found on 
Skybluepink. Have you ever been over there? Great place for all kinds of stuff!
Some raffle tickets, and then I stamped some clocks to add to the sense of time.

I found the round grommet in L.A. in the garment district, the playing card behind it??? I can't remember!!! But I had fun coloring in parts of it.

Metal letters. I found them at Marshall's of all places.

I could actually see a smaller version of this collage, now that I'm looking at these pictures.

No frame on it, though. I haven't done that part yet. To frame or not to frame? Always the question!

On to the next project...a smaller version of this, and another using a picture from one of Brenna's horse lessons.
Have a great day!


  1. Oh wow, that is really great! I love the colors and esp. the quote. Well done!

  2. Oh my goodness - I love mixed media collages. About the jar with the 3 - check anthro online, they are priced at 1.95 on the website now!

  3. Hi Lynn- I love this! Beautiful colors and my favorite is the little children! I bought some canvases awhile ago to try something like this, now I am inspired! Thanks!

  4. I already emailed you, but I just have to say again how really great this collage is!!!

    It almost makes me want to get out some paint and have at it......................

    And I vote for no frame---why mess with success???

  5. Lynn, that is truly beautiful. How can I buy it? I have s summer house and I would love to have something from you. Pls email me: suenodemialma@gmail.com

  6. hello - just found your blog and i'm glad i did! i love this collage - it's beautiful and has a wonderful feel to it. no frame! it would distract i think.
    i know what you mean about posting your work - it makes me feel just like i felt in grade school when i got called on to do the math problem on the board...ick. but, i hope you continue, as i love your style.

  7. Lynn,
    I really, really like it. It is a picture within a picture...very fanciful. I also vote for no frame. I like it just as it is. I love your style, too. That describes it well. The quote is great and I just love the print on the graph paper!

    Thanks for having courage to share it.

    The letters from Marshalls are perfect! Who would imagine that they have art supplies?

    You are really talented...you are.


  8. Lynn,
    This is just adorable!!! From the perfect colors, to the composition, the words...all wonderful. I love it. And personally, I prefer no frame, but that's just me. :D

    yapping cat