Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little of This and That

Hey, everyone!! How are you all doing?? I so enjoy talking to all of you. Blogging is just the best. Especially when it permeates everything you do. Like taking pictures of just about anything because, well, 'cause you just want to share it with your friends!!

Like today for example. I should have been folding this:

Ha! Not when you are of the persuasion of having the word "should" banned from the English Dictionary. Not when you have PICTURES to share from your trip to GOODWILL!!!!! Fold laundry? Perish the thought.
Here's what I found at Goodwill!!

(Don't you love it sitting upon the laundry??!!!)

Now, I don't know where you all get your Thrift store treasures for $1.00 or less, because in So. Cal. it's pretty tough to go under $1.99. But I'm not complaining!!

Yes. The Bourbon tag is going to be replaced or collaged over! Maybe a photo over the word Bourbon. Or a domino! Know of anyone who wants to purchase a shabbified bourbon bottle??

This basket? I just about squealed when I saw it! I LOVE things like this and they are so stinking expensive at the stores. I might try and find a lining for it. Any ideas?

The jeans? Goodwill-of course!!

I just couldn't pass up this skirt. Isn't it cuuuute??? And so summery. I am so ready for summery.

I hope Brenna likes this:

We'll see. She doesn't like much right now in the way of clothing. Except her new basketball shoes. Oh yeah, baby!

Hey, thanks for letting me share my fun finds. And yes, I did get that pile of laundry folded. Too bad it fell off of the couch in a big heap onto the floor. Oh, well. I'd rather be sorting out my treasures!!
Have a great day!


  1. I love those salmon, oranges, yellow and pink colors,
    such fun treasures in deed!! :)

  2. Oh you DID have a great thrifting day! I struck out today...I guess we can't win them all!

  3. Well, you must be feeling much better today!

    And I'm sure those new treasures didn't hurt any.........

    Can't wait to see what you do with that Bourbon bottle! The shape of it is just too cool!

    Your wire basket is awesome as well. Heck, who needs a lining???

    Also....since you are going to delete "should" from the English language, I vote for sending "could" and "would" with it....the terrible "shoulda/coulda/woulda" trio wiped off the face of the earth!


  4. Lynn,
    That is one great bottle! I'll bet you could even put some glue over the surface (Aleene's Tacky) let it dry level, and you could decorate it for whatever you want.

    I have three beauties in the basement that I got for a dollar each downstairs. Just waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

    Love you,

  5. Sweet Lynn,
    You found some great stuff at the Goodwill!!! Like everyone else, I'm in love with the bottle, so cool. & what a great idea to collage over the plaque...I know it will be fabulous when you finish! Love to all, see you soon.
    Hugs & Ladybugs,

  6. I love a good thrifting trip! Looks like you got some good stuff! BTW the downside of having the bargains at the thrifts is the goods sometimes aren't so good. I have been trolling the website for the San Francisco Goowills on Ebay, and wow, they have some really good stuff! I'd like to hit a big city thrift store sometime!

  7. Hey, Miss Lynn,
    Heather has a Spring Swap up on Speckled Egg. Artsy Mama is also announcing one in the next few days.

    Blogging is soooo much fun!!!!

  8. I've been planning a trip to Goodwill for months now...hopefully soon!
    I love everything you got and that bourbon tag is awesome! Those wire baskets are so expensive elsewhere so I know you got a good deal on that!
    Glad you had fun and have a fabulous day!

  9. You found lots of wonderful things! I need to do more thrift stores than what I do. I always think I should when I see everyone else's great finds...and then I forget. LOL. You got some great deals!

    yapping cat