Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

I went for a walk this evening. I thought it might help my crummy mood. It did, AND I found a little gift waiting for me on the sidewalk!

It' so small! I believe it is a hummingbird's nest.

The intricacy is amazing to me.

It's light as a feather.

What a great First Day of Spring gift!!
Enjoy your weekend-


  1. Now see..that is the difference between us "artistic sorts" and non-artistic...I think the non artistic would see bugs, dirt and all kinds of icky things....and we (of course, being the artistic) see the magical, intricate beauty and wonder of such a thing. Isn't it funny? Rose colored glasses indeed! I'll keep mine on every chance I get. You are forunate to have received such a gift!

    yapping cat

  2. My neighbor would not let me pick up such a thing when I found one...sad!This is lovely! I know there is a way you can heat them, if you want to.

    I think it is so cool and the pictures do not convey how small it is so I am glad you told us. I thought "shadowbox" right away but, of course, it is beautiful in its own right!

    Big hugs, sweet and funny friend!

  3. That is just so beautiful! what a treat!

  4. Oh how beautiful! Now aren't you glad you went on the walk? Someone was looking out for you and sent a thank you to you!

    Smile...let us know what becomes of your tiny treasure!

    I have tons of hummingbirds but have never seen a nest....guess that why I have so many...