Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Bloggging Friend

I would love to introduce you to my friend, Susan Reaney. Otherwise known as Suz. You might remember her from the Sweet and Sinister Swap I did back in October.

She blessed our entire family with her love and generosity. 

Everything she made was done with love and care.

Suz and her daughter, Kat (who is cute as PIE!) have a line of jewelry. Their business is called Katsui. (I know, such a great name.) Just the thought of a mother-daughter line makes my head spin, but these two know how to do it right.  Now they have joined us wonderful people in Blogland!! (Capital B for Blogland???) I feel like Suz has moved in just down the street and I want her to meet all my friends!! Anyway, I would love it if you stopped by their sweet new blog and said hi. You know-just leave all the love and encouragement you can. It's not hard with this team!!!


  1. I just stopped by katsui to say hello- they are fellow Minnesotans!

  2. Lynn, my new neighbor, (and Linda, my neighbor!) thank you so much for writing us up. I cannot tell you how excited I am about moving to Bloglandia!! We are having a blast. I know my friends who don't know the whole blog scene think I have jumped off the deep end but I think is is a wonderful, sharing community.Thank, my friend!
    Hope you have a nice, calm weekend. We are at St. John's Abbey and Jud is leading a retreat so we are all being quiet little monks!

  3. They are tooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

    yapping cat

  4. Lynn-
    Thanks so much for sharing our blog with your readers! It's so nice to have new friends in the blog world and through helping mom, swapland! My mom has had so much fun doing swaps and connecting with wonderful, creative people like yourself.
    Take care,
    Kat Reaney