Thursday, March 25, 2010

working....A Little More

Hey, All!
 Thought I'd catch you up on what I worked on today. Yes!! I stayed put today and worked on things for the fair.


  Today I finished the votives and the candlesticks with the plates and bowls. I like how they turned out, how about you? I added the moss and nests with the tags to spruce it up a bit. I got the idea from Linda over at itsy bits and pieces. She did some beautiful peat boxes with a bird tag in them.  I love the  idea of adding birds to these stands.


 Some are small enough to just use to hold items like rings, or earrings...others, I just loved the plate or bowl with out anything in it.  

This plate I think I am keeping for myself! It is gorgeous. I think it is hand cut glass and it's a fairly good size. I will use it to display the wallets.

And I finished the votives...

AND started on a collage. Whew.
I am going to visit Lauren tomorrow and Saturday we have the Redlands Bicycle Classic. I'm hoping to get some great pictures of the Criterion they do downtown. I should post those by Monday....Until then, have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing!



  1. Beautiful work! Sounds like you have been busy!

  2. Lynn,
    What nice tags...love 'em. Thanks for writing me back. am getting on the computer just a little bit each day...at the seniors library :-)

    Jud's dad is a bit better but still has awful coughing spells...poor guy. We are having a great time in this weather and I saw two bloggy girls.

    Think...Silver Bella. Registration...April 6.

    I think you should come!!!


  3. On my computer your post from Thursday is showing right over top of the post from Tuesday!!!!

    I can't really see anything.....

    Boo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to see what you made..........

  4. Hi Lynn- thank you for the nice mention- I love what you've done...your tags are really gorgeous! You're really going to have some beautiful items for the art fair!

  5. Everything turned out just beautifuly and I love the bird tags! Perfect!

    yapping cat

  6. I have been having a great time visiting your lovely blog!
    So glad you popped by My Magpie's Nest so I could find you!