Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodwill, Part II

I didn't show you ALL my Goodwill finds the other day...I was holding out on you for this post.

Wow, huh? Three blouses.

How could I have POSSIBLY held out on these treasures?? Well....'cause I cut them up into 2ft. by 2in. strips to make these cuties:

I'm still in the midst of perfecting them. They don't look as cute as Susie's. (YET!) That is where I saw directions on how to do these fun, addicting flowers!!!! My friend, Susie's got them down pat. And they are adorable!!!! You just have to go over to vintagesusieandwings and see her post on how she made them.

I might just drag Brenna over to the Salvation Army today...All the clothes are just $2.00!! Too good to miss!!! 
So, go on, go over to Susie's, get your supplies and BEWARE!! You will become addicted to having fabric shreds and glue all over you!!!
Have a blast!


  1. Lynn,
    I love it! I am doing flowers for our women's retreat but a totally different kind. These are REALLY cute. I can't imagine anything could be much cuter (I have to meet this Suzie!!!) And I thought I was doing well getting little pieces of fabric samples at Art Scraps...you are a woman after my own heart!

    Love you,

  2. I LOVE your flower's friend...I think you did an awesome job! Now I'm making matching rings cuz I JUST CAN'T STOP!!!! LOL

  3. I think yours are adorable!

    yapping cat

  4. Lynn, just beautiful!! I'm actually going to go over to the blog to learn how to make those flowers (they are flowers, right?).

    And, how are you, my sweet friend? Your blog looks wonderful - so wonderful.

    love you, jan