Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Fun

I had a nice treat yesterday. My sister took me out to breakfast and then we went shopping. Did we go to Macy's? Nooo...Did we go to Nordstrom's? Noooo..... Take a guess:

A glass store? Antiquing???

Have you guessed yet?


Oh yeah!! The day was good-tons of glass to do more bottles and make cutie-pie bowls on top of candlesticks.

Then I had an AHA! Moment.
 I'm not the best at seeing something and imagining it in a different use. 

Remember the hummingbird's nest?
Add a candlestick, a small plate/bowl and this-I have NO idea what it is!

Add some Easter cuteness:

I admit, I LOVE it!!!

On top of all that, I got some cool stuff from my sister!!

She made this:

and this:

I was so proud of myself, I got it hung up right away!

What do you think, Sue?

Thanks for a fun day!!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I love all your treasures!

    Isn't Goodwilling fun? I've got a promise to go with Mr. B on Thursday...I hope I'm half as lucky as you were today!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Happy birthday! This sounds like the best kind of day and I LOVE your creations!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    a) Most excellent stuff from your sister!

    b) LOVE the bird nest deal!!!!!

    c) Your Goodwill!!! My goodness!!!
    Our Goodwill has NOTHING in it like that!!!!

    I think I need to visit SoCal.
    Oh---great wall color, too!

  4. I forgot....

    I think that little glass dome looks like some votive candle holders I used to sell in my shop. They sat with the rounded part hanging down inside a three legged iron holder that had a ring at the top that the glass rim rested on. They came in three heights and two different widths............

  5. WoW, love your nesty thing that you made. I'm with Pam...we don't have ANYTHING like that at our Salvation Army places. Take me next time!! Glad that you had a great time. Love the gifts she gave/made you. Ain't sisters grand?? Like I've done anything for your bday yet :-(

  6. What a great find! And a great way to use the tiny birds nest, it must be kismet! A very happy birthday to you!!!

  7. ...i'm a litte sad the lizard didn't make it into your lovely nest arrangement...
    happy birthday, great goodwill finds!

  8. Ooooh,
    I love it, too, Lynn!

    We are in Arizona now at Jud's parents and I am so happy to be in the warmth...but I am missing my computer time!

    Love and hugs,