Sunday, March 7, 2010

Calla Lilies

Hi Friends!

How's everyone doing? It's raining again out here. We have not seen this much rain for several years! Nor have we seen the hills around us so green.
 I thought I would give you the progression on my Calla Lilies today.
From this..

Now this..


To this..

I love these flowers for their simple beauty.

They seem to offer so much hope. I think because they don't open overnight, but it is a process of time and then they stay for a while, putting forth bravery and grace. They are a strong flower, but delicate at the same time.

Tomorrow I'll try and get shots of them fully opened. 
Have a great day whatever you may be doing: creating, staying warm, reflecting, enjoying life....


  1. That is really lovely and spring-y!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your photographs are putting me in the mood to paint again! Perfect subject. :)

  3. oh, beautiful! i thought these only exsisted in the florists' cooler! lucky lucky you!

  4. Well, Lynn, I think your description of the Calla Lilies also describes us perfectly, don't you?!?

    Just a little thought to roll around in your head.........


  5. Lynn,

    Are those really growing there? I think I live on the moon!!! Such lovely pictures!

    Wonderful weekend...Katie and I attended a retreat given by our one and only Jud!


  6. Oh Lynn...your sooooo funny!!!! Just think about how much smaller of a flower you can make for a ring. OK, send the kids up & I'll learn how to make curled paper flowers with them. Hey, you should do a tutorial on those, they're really cute!
    Smiles & I love your lilies!!!