Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LOVE My Child!!!

Will you indulge me one more time with pictures of Brenna's horse lessons? I tell you what-it will be worth it.

 This week while I was watching Brenna in the ring, all I could think was, "Brenna- you KILL me!!!" She is so brave and honest. She laughs in the middle of a lesson, she talks to the horse and asks it questions like, "Splash!!! Where do you think you are going??"

This week was extra fun as Lauren is home on Spring Break and came to watch. Brenna got to be in the "big" ring. As Brenna took off on the horse without a lead from the trainer, Lauren turned to me and said, "Mom! Is this what it was like to watch me drive away in the car the first time?"

Yup. BIG ring. BIG.

On top of it all, it was a gorgeous day.

Each week, Brenna works on so much.  For starters, she tackles balance...this from a child that couldn't walk a straight line in physical therapy for weeks and weeks.

Maneuvering through cones while the trainer says, "Brenna! Pull right. Now look up. Good. Look toward me. Now pull left and go around the cone. Show Splash who's boss." Do you know how many directions that is to process at one time???

Getting off and on the horse alone is no small feat when you are all of 4'10!!!

Learning to lead Splash in and out of the ring and in and out of her stable. This is while walking on unstable ground while having a problem with depth perception, with a two- ton animal towering over you.

 Oh! I have to tell you. Last week, Splash let out this unbelievably HUGE sneeze. I mean, horse snot showered EVERYwhere. Brenna wouldn't go anywhere near Splahs's face. This week was a very big step forward getting near that big nose!

Splash is such a great horse. Even when all she wants to do is go back to her stable where it is warm and dinner is waiting!

So much concentration.

No wonder on the way home we saw this:


So, I thank you for indulging me.
 Thank you for allowing a mom to share some of my child's accomplishments. Some that are not a big deal to most people, but are huge in our life. 



    This is amazing. I love horses. She IS IS IS brave. I got bucked from one when I was 15 and now I'm scared to get on one. Your girl is beautiful my friend. I want to send her a present. Send me your address! K?


  2. your photos, and your daughter, just made my whole day. i loved when my kids would work/play so hard they concked out in the back seat. what a great girl.

  3. I'm sending you a HUGE hug because of who you are, and because of that your children are such angels and make you proud.

  4. Love it! What a beautiful girl!
    And I esp love the sacked-out-in-the-car pic!

  5. OMG...I think I'm going to cry. What a loving an amazing post. Brenna just so rocks, in so many ways she's fearless. To me fearless is not about not having fear...it's about overcoming fear, that's why Brenna is my hero. & what Lauren said, OK I'm wiping my eyes right now. You have awesome children my friend, what an amazing Mommy you are.
    Big Smile & the hope for Sunshine,

  6. oh my goodness, I could see a thousand posts like this and never get tired of it! you can just see the joy on brenna's face, and the sleeping pic cracks me up! They really tuckered her out!! How fun!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  7. Lynn,
    You are making me cry again. This is incredible. Yesterday (and every other Tuesday since September) I spent an hour in the PT office, standing on my toes and learning how to balance. Neither Katie or I do well at this. I would never have the courage to get on a horse. I love them and was a "horse-hand" at a camp but I got bucked and could never get back on. Brenna blows me away. She may have come in a different package but she has courage that is enormous. I am so happy when I hear what this is doing for her..and how wonderful for her to be able to "show off" a little for her dear big sister.
    You all blow me away...sniff...sniff

  8. Come and visit our blog, if you have time. We saw something incredibly cool this weekend!
    Your neighbor, Suz

  9. Lynn, thank you for sharing this lovely post! It's very inspiring reading about your daughter's challenges and courage and the accompanying photos were beautiful!

  10. Ah, yes....nothing like a little horse snot to liven things up....

    I loved this post! Almost {heavy on the almost} makes me want to go out and start riding again.

    Brenna, you rock!

    Especially when you are zonked out in the back seat.

    My type of girl, for sure.

  11. Brenn is amazing. Even though I've made peace with it...I'm sure that one of the greatest joys that I missed out on in this lifetime was having a child. I'm so glad that you have her, that you get to see the world through her eyes and the delight she brings into your life...magical. You are blessed! :)

    yapping cat

  12. Lynn, I came over because Cindy ahd you name in her blog -- Little did I know I would be so blessed --
    Oh for smiles on a childs face , whatever the challenges --
    Priceless !!! Thank you for sharing her with Us today
    Kathy - ga ♥

  13. Oh, lynn, this post is wonderful!! all mother's love their children equally, i think, but in different ways and for different reasons. it's easy to see why you love b. she's great!!
    and that last photo - you can use that to embarrass her (a mother's duty) sometime in the future - wait for just the right moment!! lol