Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Near The Sea....

Let's see. I do believe I told you in my last post that I had so much to do. Huh. Not a lick of work got done over the weekend, as we went to Laguna Beach to celebrate my birthday and then take Lauren back to school. Other than the drunk yahoos in the hallway at 3 a.m. ,(they were celebrating St. Patrick's day early. WHAT. EVER.) we had a fabulous time.

I would much rather look at this all day:

I have to tell you the beginning of our trip. We had won at an auction a picture session on the beach and an 8x10 photo. Two years ago. I know, I know. But we finally cashed in on the item and decided to make a weekend out of it. But true to life's form, we were running a little late. 

O.K. a lot late. Late to the point that Brenna never got her shower. Late to the point that I was a snappy, stress case in the car. (Ask Lauren, she'll say it's true.)

Late to the point that we didn't even check into the hotel before the picture. LATE to the point we drove straight to the location we were to meet the photographer. 

Oh. Did I mention that not ONE of us had our "picture clothes" on?? You know. The look that the photographer suggested. Everyone wear jeans and a black shirt, or kakhi pants and white shirts. Did we have our matching shirts on? Nope. Did Lauren and I have our make-up on? NOPE. 

By any chance did  I mention we pulled into the parking lot where we were supposed to find the photographer at 4:45? Or that our appointment for our pictures was at 5:00? Now do all you mothers out there understand why I was such a mess? 

Thank heavens that we are not fussy, high-maintenance girls in our household. Thank heavens for public restrooms. 

We all grabbed our suitcases and ran for the bathrooms. Now, let me tell you about public beach restrooms. Wet sand all over the floors, no mirrors, no electrical outlets, (we may not be high-maintenance but we do have our dignity!) and generally disgusting. Thank heavens for photographers that choose beach resorts for their photography sessions. Beach resorts have fabulous public restrooms with clean floors, and mirrors. AND electrical outlets.

Our family was ready to go by 5:00!!! We went flying down the path to find the photographer. When we found him, he said, "Hey! No hurry. No problem. We still have about 15 minutes until the sun is in the position I want it in for pictures."

Well. so much for being a big stress mess in the car. So much for Brenna not having a shower or for doing my hair for that matter. Or makeup. We meandered down to a pretty stretch of beach and chatted with the photographer. By then the wind had kicked up. Did I mention people with bangs don't do well photographing at the beach with the wind blowing?

Wait. It gets better.
 I got all stressed out just to have our pictures done at the beach. With the wind blowing. With my bangs flying straight up.  With my eyes watering and turning red to the point that Lauren later said, "Gosh mom, your eyes were so watery and red it looked like you had been crying." Can they photoshop that out?

You think I'm done, don't you? 
Did I mention Brenna had a sinus infection? And that after every picture I had to grab a kleenex and have her blow her nose and every time she did, her upper lip got redder and redder and redder? Or that her eyes water worse than mine in the wind?

Are you ready for the crowning glory?
It was when the photographer said to Lauren, "Try putting your hands on your mom's head to hold down her bangs and then let go when I tell you". So she did. And he thought it was a great idea. So every time he went to take a picture, Lauren would slap her hand on my head to hold down my bangs and then let go when the photographer told her to. 

It's a good thing I have a good sense of humor and can laugh at life.
 We all ended up laughing so hard through the whole shoot-we had such a good time. At one point, the photographer had us all hold hands and walk down the beach. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! We couldn't even walk straight. Brenna has to look down when walking on the sand, I think her nose was dripping and we were told to smile and talk to each other through our teeth. Well, THAT's the goofiest thing ever, so we lost it after that.

This guy? He just threw on a black shirt and looked cute the whole time.

Have a great day!


  1. Hooray, you are back, my friend! That picture of the three of you looks really adorable but the whole situation was a set up for a crabby mommy!

    I missed you and hoped everything was ok. Found a little something for you that you might be able to use...and might not.

    Getting ready for a trip to the Marsh with the neighbor women (a rustic spa), then a trip to phoenix for a week and then off to the Black Hills for my retreat! Then I will breathe!

    Sign up for Silver Bella is coming up. I will keep you in the know!

    Love, Suz

  2. OH Lynn- you had me laughing out loud at this story! We had a similar situation with a family portrait taken out in a hilly field- I can SO relate! The picture of you and your daughters was really beautiful!

  3. Welcome back!


  4. Toooooo funny my friend...just toooo relatable & too darn funny!!!
    Big Smiles & Happy Birthday Wishes,
    PS: Happy St Patricks Day too

  5. Hello,
    Family photo's are the worst... let alone on a beach! Too funny.
    You and your girls are so cute!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and best wishes.

  6. LOL. Sounds like you made a great day of it anyway! And happy belated birthday wishes to ya!

    yapping cat

  7. oh gosh you are a great story teller! i imagine it wasn't as humorous as it was happening...but it's a good story and i'll bet the photos turn out wonderful. the last time we had a family potrait and we were told to wear dark shirts, i ended being the one in the picture with baby burp up running down my front from the 2 month old....it's always something isn't it.

  8. Dearest Lynn,

    I love your posts...every story is so real and from the loving heart of a woman I admire!

    Your entire family looks amazing in the photos! Hey if you look that pretty when you're under stress...give me some of that ....

    Love the recent post on Brenna's riding ....tugged at my heart when I read her comment about driving away from you...they grow up TOO quick!

    God Bless you and THANK YOU for visiting my blog and always leaving such sweet supportive comments...I truly appreciate your visits!



  9. Hope all is well, my friend.

  10. I told you I was behind by about a week.....

    Oh, my.

    What a great story.

    I would like to have been a little mouse hiding behind a beach ball watching your "episode" unfold....

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!