Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lots To Work On...

Hi Friends,

First off, let me just say a big THANK YOU!! Your kind comments and encouragements from the last post inspired me in many ways. Brenna seems to touch lots of lives; it is an amazing thing to watch. I had a friend say to me once, "Brenna has her own ministry. Let her have it!" So, it is a privilege to share her life with you through this blog.

On to the other parts of life.

The Calla Lilies are fully opened:

And the rest of the floral world is waiting to burst forth!

Wendy and I are trying our best to get things ready for the San Juan Capistrano Art Fair that we will be participating in on April 10. Wendy has domino central at her house,
I am working on more collages, but yesterday I got so frustrated, I cleaned out a kitchen drawer just so I could feel like I had some control!!!
Today I am decoupaging and gluing other items.

Like wallets...

My friend, Debbie, showed me these. 

Incorporating the dominoes into votives:

And, last but not least, some fun finds from Goodwill (candlesticks and plates) and a little E-6000 turns into this:

It is, as we say in our house, it is a"DDGD" (drop dead gorgeous day) in our neck of the woods.
I am hoping you find sunshine wherever you are!!!


  1. I love your photos! The votives are really nice too.

  2. Lynn,
    I think you live in heaven. Really, it is so beautiful there!

    I adore what you have made. Love the bowls on candlesticks. I have seen platters on candlesticks but this is new. Your little collage wallets are darling. Have you ever seen the checkbooks you can do? You just slip the collage in. A woman around here made a lot of money making them in droves. Not as cute as yours!
    You will do well. I love "domono central."

    Thank you for the sweet comment about my tags. Did you take pictures of yours?


  3. Lynn- your pieces look wonderful- I know you will do great at the art fair! Those wallets are fantastic!

  4. I wasn't quite sure what you meant by "wallet" in your email, but now I see!

    They sure a cute!!! You should sell a bunch of those at your art fair!!!

    But those votives!!!

    Wow! Those are just awesome!!!

    I think you have a winner there....

  5. Hello
    I have to say all your creations are stunning. Love the candle votives.
    The Calla Lillies are so beautiful. I planted a bunch of bulbs a few years ago and the squirrls got everyone of them, so I haven't tried since-the bulbs were an expensive meal.
    I have to tell you how wonderful Brenna is and such a trouper! You must be very proud of her

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Glad you did because you have a wonderful blog just full of beautiful things.

  7. Love the dominoes wired to the votives...how cool is that? Great idea and so very pretty!

    yapping cat

  8. Hi, I just wanted you to know that I received one of your wonderful tags from Karla-I love your work!
    Thanks & enJOY a beautiful weekend,