Sunday, March 21, 2010

And Yet Another Spring Time Gift.

This gift was from my dogs.
(You have been forewarned.)

Ahh, Spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming. The trees are budding, and my dogs are busy, busy, busy out in the yard.
Brenna and I arrived home from church to this little gift from the dogs:

Yes, my sweet (?) dogs have been enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, they like indoors as well.

This gift was a goner by the time I got home.
I do believe I prefer bird's nests.

The dogs don't really care either way. Nest, lizard, whatever.
The lizard? Not such a good day.

Well. Hope your day was better. Even if you do have dogs.


  1. Ewwwwww. LOL. Cats are bad about this as well....the gecko's know better than to come into the house! :)

    yapping cat

  2. LOL! I have 2 pugs who aren't much for hunting, but several years ago I had 2 bassets who were... One day they left me a rabbit head...guess it wasn't quite as tasty as the rest of it.

  3. It is a lovely artistic shade...kind of iridescent, bet you could use that in your art ;-)

    That is pretty...I always think my dogs are so human until they do something like that. Harvey is being all rescue dog tonight. Driving my nuts!

    Love to you!

  4. There is a pair of stray cats that likes us, I think, because they leave little gifts on the back deck sometimes. Yuck!

  5. Yeah, I was thinking about my kitty & all the wonderful gifts he would leave for us in the house. Dead birds, mice, feathers...not a good sign & I'm too afraid to pick them up so I would just cover them with a bowl & wait for Mr. Man to get home & remove them. I'm such a weinie!!!

  6. shoot you get off easy with dead lizards. my pal duffy's favorite way to wake me up in the morning is to go roll in bear poop on the beach and then jump in bed with me. i knew the doggy door was a BAD idea.... you've not smelled bad smell until you've smelled beachy bear poop. especially in the fall when the salmon are spawning....