Tuesday, November 10, 2009

art Every Day Month. Day 10

      Why is it that the days you have set aside to create just FLY by??? I met my friend, Wendy at our favorite place, The Scrapping Lounge  today and we worked on creating fun items to sell at the boutique that is coming up. I had WAAAY bigger expectations to get more done today. Guess I will settle for a few things completed and lots of talking and laughing!

Wendy made this, but I kept it!!


A little decoupage:


Not sure what to do with these two things:



But it will all come together in the next few days....


Have a great day creating!


  1. Lovin' what you did get done, Lynn! I never get as much done as I THINK I'm going to! :( :( :( My mind is always going a bazillion miles a second so I blame in on my scrabbled genes! :) ha

    I love to visit you...always so inspiring. LOVE THAT Candle & Card. YUM!


  2. I think you got a *lot* done, personally. :)

    And I think that star could be perfect as a Christmas tree ornament. (In fact, if I find time and materials, I may borrow the inspiration, since my tree wears a lot of gold.)

    Beautiful candle!

  3. oh, so fun!! lovin the colors you used and all the sparkle!

  4. Lynn...you are so creative.Just keep playing...you are coming up with some wonderful things.

    I am feeling about fifty percent better today and will take off tomorrow...I will get to take it easy. Things don't start until Thursday night so we will have a low-key day.

  5. I adore vintage images. Good luck with your sale! I can see why you kept your friend's piece -- it is simply adorable. I think I would want to keep it all! LOL

  6. I just love what you're doing. Hope the sale goes great!

  7. What absolutely gorgeous creations!! I'm going to visit the link for the Scrapping Lounge. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing your pics with us!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  8. Your Xmas tags and "boutonnieres" (?) or ornaments are WONDERFUl! So creaative in your choice of materials and colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!