Monday, November 9, 2009

art Every Day Month. Day 9

Wow! This art every day is quite a challenge!! Most of all, a challenge to get it posted!! I spent a FABulous day with my friend, Wendy and her family on Saturday.  We sat on a field and watched her son play soccer-and score a goal! What a beautiful day.

THEN we got to the creating part!!! We are finally able to see finished product and it is SO exciting! I am looking forward to the boutique we are doing the weekend before Thanksgiving. How much product to set out?? How much looks like enough? How much to have enough to do the boutique the first weekend in December? Wow. Well, we will see, won't we? It will all unfold. And it will be fun!!

Some still in production:

Let's see, that was Saturday. Sunday, I began- are you ready?? I began setting up a shop on ETSY!!!!!!
It's not up quite yet, I will have some Christmas ornaments up soon. Today will be getting those done and photographed.
Think I'm all caught up!


  1. Hooray for your Etsy shop! How exciting. Your projects look great. I wish you much success on your boutiques.

  2. good for you! i just started my etsy store as well. i love, love your work!

  3. lynn,
    i have the flu! I spiked a fever again today. i am so glad you are figuring out etsy...it's not too hard but i must admit katie did most of ours. Let us know your name when you can. Your dominoes look great!

  4. woohoo! congrats on your beautiful products and setting up an etsy shop! how exciting!

  5. THese are amazing!! Congrats on starting up shop!