Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Art Every Day Month. Day 17

Is it just me, or is November flying by? I think posting every day keeps it moving pretty quick as well. I think, "the 17th??? It's not the 17th, is it???" Apparently it is. Better get on the band wagon!!

Today, I did the journal class with the 7th graders. I tell you what, it is so much FUN!!! We looked at a verse and wrote it out in different ways, adding pictures to help remember what it is the verse is telling us. The verse was from the Message translation, Psalm 31:15, "Hour by hour I place my days in your hands." We talked about how it is easier to remember something like this when we draw it out or add pictures. There is so much that they just memorize, spit out for a test and keep going to the next thing. Hopefully, it will encourage some of them to take time and put things down on paper (in a fun way)that they would like to recall later on.

I also asked them to fill in as much space as they could with color. This was to get them to put something other than one picture on the paper and call it good! I love this next one. It was from the student who whined the most about filling in with color. I think it's a fabulous use of color and it all melds together!! I'm not sure the student appreciated that thought so much-it's hard to tell.

There is always the "ransom note" look. I specifically talked about how not to do this. Whatever. Like the color in the background? Yeah. Me too. I guess not everyone is that into art journaling. Whyever not??


Loved these!!


Have a great day!!


  1. hi lynn!
    thank you so much for saying hello today! it is so nice to meet you!
    what a fabulous journalling project you did with kids!
    i love them all! how wonderfully creative!
    :) melissa

  2. Lynn,

    That is just a fantastic project...they are lucky to have you. I wish someone had taught me Bible verses in such a fun and meaningful way! I learned the Episcopal way...same ones over and over each week. Well...at least I know them!

    I am still a basket case...went out for an appointment today but that was all. I have a jewelry show December 5 and must get to work but I am still exhausted. It will pass, I am sure.


  3. Very nice project. KIds get it even when adults done. They hear the 80 percent unspoken where love shines from your heart. G

  4. Hi Lynn! I think it would be so fulfilling to share your love of art with children. I t would be really cool to know if your teaching influenced them in the future!!

    My Desert Cottage

    btw.. thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog!