Wednesday, November 11, 2009

art Every Day Month. Day 11

Guess which won out in the battle for my attention today? This:

or this:

Well, actually this won out after the movie was done:

We are off to ride bikes and go to the dog park. If I am really lucky I can get a shower in before the volleyball game tonight. We will leave the mess right where it belongs.....

Have a good day, friends,



  1. I really like the santa face one and the human one, too!
    Your link was messed up, but I got here anyways!

  2. Every day is a battle for one's attention, isn't it? Looks like you made the right call ;-)

  3. the pics are hysterical. You do love your camera, don't you?? :-) I once had a college roommate who did laundry only when she was down to wearing her bikini for underwear. Let that be your guide...LOL. Did I mention she dropped out of college? Go figure. Your stuff looks GREAT!

  4. I miss that smiling face! Give B a hug for me. :)