Friday, November 20, 2009

Art Every Day Month. Day 20

Yesterday was a VERY full day!! Getting ready for the Boutique, going to B's school to meet the therapy dog that visited the class, setting up the Boutique, getting to a Tim McGraw concert on time!! (very fun, but our seats were HORRIBLE. We were the absolute last row!  It was at a big Indian casino here.)
This Boutique thing is kind of a wild learning curve for me: focusing on why Wendy and I are doing it, is it still fun? (YES!) When is our effort enough? (Wendy is much better at this guideline than I am.) What prices do we put? Will anyone come? We had a big lesson on tagging every item. 1. Do it BEFORE setup. 2. Small tags are good. 3. It's nice to do it with a friend who's head is not going to pop off like yours over the frustration of tagging.
Ahh, well. I don't have pictures of our set up yet-I had to get to the concert before we were all finished. (Thanks, friend!!) But, I do have some fun pictures to share of the therapy dog that came to Brenna's class. Her name is Nutmeg. It should be Nutmeg the Perfect Dog. She came and did tricks, let the kids love on her, listened to stories that the kids read to her, and gave lots of love back.

How could you not love a dog like this?

The kids chose "dog-themed" books to read to Nutmeg. Brenna read the WHOLE book of Go, Dog, Go. Way to do it, Brenna!!!!!!

Thanks, Miss Nutmeg!!

Enjoy whatever it is you are doing today!


  1. Oh Lynn. This is such a wonderful post. I don't know why but it brought tears to my eyes. Your daughter is so beautiful and I love the book she chose to read to Nutmeg. That dog looks like such a mush!! So,so special. :)

    ~ Wendy

  2. Oh, Nutmeg! What a precious pup!

    Sounds like you are wonderfully busy and having a blast!

  3. Beautiful photos of Nutmeg and Brenna! Looks like they had a wonderful time. I saw Tim McGraw in The Blind Side today. He's a pretty good actor too. Sorry your seats were so bad. Hope you could hear him well despite it all. Good luck on the Boutique!