Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art Every Day Month. Day 18

WHEW!!! What a day of creativity. Or productivity. Does that count?? YES.
Here are pictures of what I worked on today. The boutique set up is tomorrow. Maybe I should have been making price tags, but there's always tomorrow morning, right?? This was more fun!
more bottles:

I tried my hand at crowns. I think they are a little funky. Not real sure how they will go over at the show.
Can you tell I'm not very sure about these?!

they are not for wearing. just for fun decoration, I guess....

Last but not least, paper weights.

Gotta run. Dogs need exercise, (they are driving us NUTS but what else is new?) the dinner fairy forgot to deliver dinner-AGAIN, and we have a parent-student-teacher conference at 7p.m. Guess who hasn't taken a shower yet today???
Happy creating!!


  1. Wow- You rock! All your stuff is super cute. I am sure it will sell at the fair.I mean it..you should do a summer art camp..Marissa is free in August!

  2. That is weird..I cannot change the setting on my name! Yuck-that is not cute!I will try to fix it.

  3. Absolutely love the paper weights and Joy to the World bottle. Have fun with the boutique.

  4. I actaully love the crowns!!! I'm thinking a nice big fat candle in the middle...can that be done?? Love it! All of it is so good. I can't believe the amount of stuff you've made!!! Take lots of pics of the table once it's set up...or as you go. SO COOL!!!!

  5. Hi Mary!! Hope Lynn comes up soon so we can all get together :-)I always love it when we get together

  6. Have a great boutique!!!

    Really like the paper weights!!!

  7. Hi back at you Carol! Lynn's stuff is so awesome-I am glad she started this blog. Your candle in the crowns idea is a good one!

    Lets kidnap Lynn and get her up here!

  8. Lynn,
    Lovely, lovely things. I especially like the Joy to the World bottle and your second crown (and the paperweights...so cool!

    I got your card today...you are sooo kind! I am going out with my family tonight. This has become "birthday month." I like that.

    I see that you saw Artsy Mama's pictures of Silver Bella...next year???

  9. Everything looks so pretty, Lynn!! I love the crowns. You did a wonderful job!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  10. I've been following your blog, just not having time to comment on your beatiful gorgeous creations! These rock!

    my blog http://julieannshahin.blogspot.com

  11. Love the paperweights! Those are gorgeous!

    yapping cat