Monday, November 30, 2009

Art Every Day Month. Day 30

This will be my last post for the Art Every Day Month challenge. (even thought I didn't see a place to post it today!!) I do have some ideas for the month of December to continue the creativity flowing. Thank you all for so many positive and encouraging comments. It has been so exciting to complete this, make new friends and continue on with old friends!!!

This last week, fall finally came to our neighborhood. It has been getting chilly at night, so the leaves have begun to turn. Well, it's like the trees have EXPLODED in to beautiful colors! My favorite street with the row of fruitless pear trees is almost ready to go off with a bang as well. Here are a couple of pictures to share with you. It's STILL November-I am not, not, not ready to begin Christmas!!

I don't know if the true color of the sky is coming through, but it was GORgeous yesterday. Clear and bright, just right for setting off the oranges and reds of the trees.

Enjoy your day!!


  1. Those are lovely pictures Lynn! Here all is brown and sloggy so it's nice to see a last blast of fall on November 30th, you know?

  2. The photos are gorgeous. Nearly all of our trees stand leafless, now.

  3. Who said the East coast has it all??? WE have color AND sunshine/warmth. Those pics are GORgeous :-)
    Where are the pics of the boutique??

  4. Ours were slow to change this year as well and are just now hitting their stride! Yours are lovely!

    yapping cat