Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Adventure

 Hey, All!
I am joining in on a new challenge. It is called "Create Every Day Month" It is hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas over at creativeeveryday.com. It is something I think will help boost the creative juices.  I love how she begins: "the rules, which are made for breaking...." makes me breathe easier right away! Her definitions of being creative are fun as well: "I mean art in the sense of anything creative, whether that be painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, cooking, decorating, writing, photography, clay, jewelry-making or whatever!"
 I have found if I just begin something with a creative outlook, it leads to more creativity. For instance, we did some clean up around the house yesterday and I got my chandelier cleaned that is over the dining room table. Because I have create every day on the brain, I looked at the crystals hanging and took some pictures. I love, love glass that is sparkly and shiny!


THAT led to actually cleaning off my dining room table. (No small feat.) And making it pretty for fall.



This morning I was able to take the time to make steel-cut oats. (Brenna is still home from oral surgery.) I found a recipe to add an egg to the oatmeal from Alicia over at  Bread and Honey. I love oatmeal and this makes it even better. ( along with brown sugar and a little bit of yogurt!) I think time for oatmeal is decadent in a way. 

I do have dominoes all over my art room right now, as I am getting ready to do a boutique in November and December, but haven't taken any pictures yet. (It's easier to photograph oatmeal??) That might be my biggest creation for a while every day!! 
I feel as if I am all caught up, now! Take a look at Art Every Day Month by clicking on the button on the sidebar and see what you think.

What will you find creative in your day?


  1. Art Every Day Month is such a great idea! I really enjoyed your pictures. And Lynn, I think that cleaning has fueled 90% of my creativity this year. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. I like your photos. Especially the white pumpkin photo.

  3. Great pictures!! I agree, sometimes a creative approach to things is all it takes to get those creative juices running wild. :-)

  4. Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I think it is just looking at the smallest details in a new way, that fuels creativity. It's not always the grandiose works of art! Even a pretty bowl of good-for-you oatmeal!


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